Where the Money Is

Plot – Carol is married to Wayne and works as nurse in a nursing home,but she feels the daily routine unbearable. When Harry is hospitalized,Carol discovers he’s a known robber and he’s faking an ictus,so the woman suggests him to rob a bank together and Wayne participates too. Harry’s plan is detailed and everything goes as planned,but then the trio is discovered and Harry is arrested. When Carol tries to free him,they drown in a river and die. Shortly after a woman and his disabled husband enter a jewelry: Carol and Harry are alive and he still pretends to have an ictus.

Movie Info

Title Where the Money Is

Year 2000

Director Marek Kanievska

GenreDrama, Comedy, Crime

Top 2 Quotes of “Where the Money Is” Movie

“You wanna save your marriage by robbing a bank. Why don’t you go see a priest?”

Paul Newman – Henry

“Honey, I’m playing brain dead, not brain damaged.”

Paul Newman – Henry