Where the Heart Is

Plot – Novalee Nation is 17 and pregnant. She has never had a real home and the closest thing to a family she has is composed by her boyfriend Willy Jack,a selfish musician. They’re traveling together aboard a rusty old car,but during a stop Novalee’s life suddenly changes as Willy Jack disappears with the car. Alone and penniless,Novalee slips away into a store to give birth on the floor. When she and her baby are discovered,they become the celebrities of the store.

Movie Info

Title Where the Heart Is

Year 2000

Director Matt Williams

GenreDrama, Comedy, Romance

Top 16 Quotes of “Where the Heart Is” Movie

“You feel that? That little bom-bom-bom? That’s where the heart is.”

Natalie Portman – Novalee Nation

“- Mama Lil: You got a man?
– Novalee Nation: No.
– Mama Lil: This isn’t one of them artificial spermanation things, is it?
– Novalee Nation: No.
– Mama Lil: Then where is the prick who put you in this mess?
– Novalee Nation: California.
– Mama Lil: That figures. All the pricks move to California. They oughta call it Prickafornia.”

Sally Field – Mama Lil
Natalie Portman – Novalee Nation

“We’ve all got meanness in us, but we’ve got goodness too. And the only thing worth living for is the good.”

Natalie Portman – Novalee Nation

“- Novalee Nation: I think I might be pregnant. You remember that guy I told you about last month?
– Lexie Coop: The good-lookin’ mechanic?
– Novalee Nation: I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I didn’t even want to be with him.
– Lexie Coop: Didn’t he use anything?
– Novalee Nation: Just me.”

Natalie Portman – Novalee Nation
Ashley Judd – Lexie Coop

“Mind if I drive real slow on the way home? I’d like to pretend it’s a vacation.”

Ashley Judd – Lexie Coop

“- Lexie Coop: Americus? What kind of a name is Americus?
– Novalee Nation: I wanted her to have a strong name.
– Lexie Coop: Well, I guess I shouldn’t talk. I named my kids after snack foods: Brownie, Praline, Cherry and Baby Ruth.”

Ashley Judd – Lexie Coop
Natalie Portman – Novalee Nation

“We’re alcoholics, we’re generally satisfied to hurt ourselves.”

Stockard Channing – Sister Husband

“- Americus Nation: Forney, if you give a cow chocolate will you get chocolate milk?
– Forney Hull: Yeah. And if you spin a cow around real fast you’ll get whipped cream.”

Mackenzie Fitzgerald – Americus Nation
James Frain – Forney Hull

“Dear Lord, we ask that you bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies. And we ask forgiveness, Lord, for the fornication that Mr. Sprock and me committed this morning on this very table.”

Stockard Channing – Sister Husband

“Five days old she got the Jaundice. Five weeks old she got an ear infection. Five months old she was kidnapped. Five years old? I’m not lighting any fires, thank you.” Natalie Portman – Novalee Nation

“This old gypsy woman once told me that if you jump backwards nine times before the sun come up you won’t be pregnant. Well, I jumped so far I had to take a bus back and then I had twins.”

Ashley Judd – Lexie Coop

“- Novalee Nation: No fives!
– Nicki: You and your fives.
– Rhonda: What fives?
– Novalee Nation: On my fifth birthday my mama ran off with a baseball umpire named Fred and never came back. And after I dropped out of school and was waiting tables at Red’s, one of the regulars there named Gladys went crazy. When I tried to calm her down she jumped…”

Natalie Portman – Novalee Nation
Laura House – Nicki
Karey Green – Rhonda

“- Novalee Nation: I lied to you, when you asked me if I loved you, and I said no. Remember?
– Forney Hull: Yes.
– Novalee Nation: I lied. It wasn’t true, I love you. It’s just I lied because I thought you deserved something better.
– Forney Hull: Something better than you? Novalee, there isn’t anything better than you.”

Natalie Portman – Novalee Nation
James Frain – Forney Hull

“I ain’t never lived in a house that didn’t have wheels on it.”

Natalie Portman – Novalee Nation

“My name is Ruth Meyers. Call me Ruth Meyers.”

Joan Cusack – Ruth Meyers

“Why does anyone lie? ‘Cause we’re scared? Or crazy? Or just mean? There’s a million reasons why a person lies, but sometimes, you tell a lie so big that it changes your whole life.”

Dylan Bruno – Willy Jack Pickens