Where Angels Fear to Tread


Movie Info

Title Where Angels Fear to Tread

Year 1991

Director Charles Sturridge

GenreDrama, Romance

Top 5 Quotes of “Where Angels Fear to Tread” Movie

“I’m sure you’re honorable, but are you wise?” Rupert Graves – Philip Herriton

“- Gino Carella: I’m your husband!
– Lilia Herriton: And I have the money!”

Giovanni Guidelli – Gino Carella
Helen Mirren – Lilia Herriton

“Some people are born not to do things, and I’m one of them.”

Rupert Graves – Philip Herriton

“It may be filled with churches and beautiful pictures, but you can only judge a country by its men.” Barbara Jefford – Mrs. Herriton

“Do you want the child to stop with his father who loves him but will bring him up badly, or do you want him to come to Salston, where no-one loves him but he will be brought up well?”

Helena Bonham Carter – Caroline Abbott