When a Stranger Calls

Plot – Hidden in the house of Dr. Mandrakis,the crazy sailor Curt Duncan kills the doctor’s children and tries to do the same with their babysitter Jill. The young woman is saved thanks to the intervention of police lieutenant John Clifford,while the sailor ends up in a psychiatric prison. Seven years later,he escapes. Knowing how dangerous the criminal is,Clifford,who has since left the police and has became a private investigator,gets on Duncan’s trail on behalf of Mandrakis.

Movie Info

Title When a Stranger Calls

Year 1979

Director Fred Walton

GenreDrama, Crime, Horror, Thriller

Top 4 Quotes of “When a Stranger Calls” Movie

“After the coroner’s investigation the bodies were taken to the mortuary where the undertaker took one look at them and said their bodies couldn’t be reconstructed for the burial without six days of steady work.” Charles Durning – John Clifford

“- John Clifford: I spent almost a year alone on the case of Curt Duncan with the trial and the testimonies and the background investigations. Now, I didn’t come here today to look in your God damn folders, in fact I probably wouldn’t be here at all if you had done your job right.
– Dr. Monk: This is a hospital, Mr. Clifford, not a penitentiary.”

Charles Durning – John Clifford
Rachel Roberts – Dr. Monk

“Sharon? Please, do me a favor. Just tell me truthfully, when was the last time you checked my children?” Carol Kane – Jill Johnson

“- Jill Johnson: You really scared me, if that’s what you wanted. Is that what you wanted?
– Curt Duncan: No.
– Jill Johnson: What do you want?
– Curt Duncan: Your blood all over me.” Carol Kane – Jill Johnson
Tony Beckley – Curt Duncan