What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

Plot – Kevin Caffrey is a thief who enters Max Fairbanks’ house,a billionaire. The rich man finds him and calls the police. While the swindler is arrested,Fairbanks declares the ring Kevin is wearing belongs to him and takes it off as well. Actually the ring is a “lucky charm”,a gift Kevin has received from his girlfriend. The thief will do anything to take it back.

Movie Info

Title What’s the Worst That Could Happen?

Year 2001

Director Sam Weisman

GenreComedy, Crime

Top 8 Quotes of “What’s the Worst That Could Happen?” Movie

“Scandal and disease, Max.” Nora Dunn – Lutetia Fairbanks

“I robbed a thief! How can you not see the humor in that?” Danny DeVito – Max Fairbanks

“- Berger: You ever read the papers?
– Kevin Caffrey: I used to, but the news kept changing.”

John Leguizamo – Berger
Martin Lawrence – Kevin Caffery

“- Max Fairbanks: Nobody talks to me that way! Nobody!
– Gloria Sidell: I do!
– Max Fairbanks: That turns me on!” Danny DeVito – Max Fairbanks
Glenne Headly – Gloria Sidell

“Massaging you is like kneading dough. And as for the sex, let me be honest. It’s like sleeping with a damp sheep!” Sascha Knopf – Tracey Kimberly

“Max, you may be a butthole, but you’re my butthole.”

Nora Dunn – Lutetia Fairbanks

“- Edwina: Why is it that every time Kevin’s in trouble, we drop our things, but when I want help, you act like you’re through a tunnel and can’t hear me?
– Windham: Maybe because I like Kevin!”

Siobhan Fallon – Edwina
Lenny Clarke – Windham

“Hold your head up, ’cause you got that double-chin thing going on.” Martin Lawrence – Kevin Caffery