What’s Love Got to Do with It

Plot – Little Anna Mae Bullock gets herself thrown out of the church choir one day because she interprets the Gospel style her own way. She gets noticed by a songwriter who has a band,Ike Turner. He recognizes her talent and puts her on tour with the name of Tina. The two fall in love,get married and start to make money and records. Ike is not only a demanding manager who is always fighting to impose his types of songs,he is also a violent man who alternates gifts and caresses with beatings and humiliation. In the end Tina rebels and asks for a divorce; she is granted her divorce and leaves her husband both money and investments as long as she can keep her show name.

Movie Info

Title What’s Love Got to Do with It

Year 1993

Director Brian Gibson

GenreDrama, Music, Biography

Top 5 Quotes of “What’s Love Got to Do with It” Movie

“Eat the cake, Anna Mae.”

Laurence Fishburne – Ike Turner

“Now, you listen to me. I made you. You were nothing before you met me, and you ain’t gonna be nothing without me.”

Laurence Fishburne – Ike Turner

“I’ll give up all that other stuff, but only if I get to keep my name. I worked too hard for it, your honor.”

Angela Bassett – Tina Turner

“It’s not alright to let some motherfucker pound on you! If you had any sense, you’d get outta here, too.”

Vanessa Bell Calloway – Jackie

“- Ike Turner: Hey, Anna Mae, where you goin’? I need to get some sleep!
– Tina Turner: Go straight to hell, Ike!”

Laurence Fishburne – Ike Turner
Angela Bassett – Tina Turner