Whatever It Takes

Plot – In Gilmore high school,Ryan is a cute student with low self-esteem who dotes on his prettier classmate who obviously ignores him in turn. He has by his side his best friend,the sweet Maggie,who in turn is appreciated by the local playboy Chris,who becomes Ryan’s friend to take advantages of him. The two boys make a plan to conquer the girls but it won’t be so easy.

Movie Info

Title Whatever It Takes

Year 2000

Director David Raynr

GenreDrama, Comedy, Romance

Top 3 Quotes of “Whatever It Takes” Movie

“- Ryan: Tell her you need a friend to talk to. You’re depressed. You’re doing bad in school. You’re dad’s on crack.
– Chris: My dad played pro-football.
– Ryan: Perfect!
– Chris: You’re getting your ass kicked for this.”

Shane West – Ryan
James Franco – Chris

“It’s supposed to be Ryan gets pickle in Ashley. Not Ashley gets Ryan into a pickle!”

Aaron Paul – Floyd

“A tiger can’t change his spots.”

Jodi Lyn O’Keefe – Ashley