What Planet Are You From?


Movie Info

Title What Planet Are You From?

Year 2000

Director Mike Nichols

GenreSci-Fi, Comedy

Top 14 Quotes of “What Planet Are You From?” Movie

“The Earth woman’s reproductive organs are located here. The access port is here. Insertion in any other access port will not result in pregnancy. To get the woman in a receptive mood for insertion, compliment her on these areas. [hair, eyes, breasts, buttocks, legs] She will also enjoy being told that she smells nice, and that her footwear is…”

“We’ve been screwing for 21 hours non-stop.” Annette Bening – Susan Anderson

“I always had a feeling that healing-any-injury thing was bullshit.”

Garry Shandling – Harold Anderson

“You appear intelligent, but when you open your mouth the effect is spoiled.”

Ben Kingsley – Graydon

“My mission is to get to know myself so that I can actually end up focusing less on myself, and more on others.”

Annette Bening – Susan Anderson

“- Graydon: The success of our planet and domination of the universe rests in your hands.
– Harold Anderson: Thank you, sir.
– Graydon: Now if you’ll go with these men, we’ll arrange for your transfer, and attach your penis.”

Ben Kingsley – Graydon
Garry Shandling – Harold Anderson

“Susan, when I married you the first time I only did it to get in your pants. Now I’m doing it because I want to spend the rest of my life getting into your pants.”

Garry Shandling – Harold Anderson

“At the far reaches of the Universe lies a planet of men who have advanced technologically beyond the realm of human comprehension. This is no breeding – they are a product of cloning, and their reproductive organs have shrunk and disappeared. All emotions have been bred out of this race and each succeeding generation has become more ambitious…”

“I have $7.35. I’d like to put some of it in a T-bill, some of it into the stock market – and the rest I’d just like to save for a rainy day.”

Annette Bening – Susan Anderson

“- Helen Gordon: You’re making a noise.
– Harold Anderson: That’s my penis. It hums.
– Helen Gordon: I guess it doesn’t know the words. Well, I can teach it a few.”

Linda Fiorentino – Helen Gordon
Garry Shandling – Harold Anderson

“- Alison: Is that the waiter? Hello…
– Madeline: No, that’s just a gay guy without a jacket.”

Camryn Manheim – Alison
Nora Dunn – Madeline

“- Flight Attendant: There was this strange humming sound coming from his pants.
– Roland Jones: From the front or the back?”

Samantha Smith – Flight Attendant
John Goodman – Roland Jones

“You’re marrying a woman you’ve never had sex with? Are you insane? Didn’t you see ‘The Crying Game’? You think she’s got the goods under her skirt, you lift it up, it’s Oscar Mayer time!”

Greg Kinnear – Perry Gordon

“This planet is 4 solar systems from our own, across the Sea of Bel, at a fixed position of 13-6-90 on sub-center grid 10. It is a solid rich mass, with a dense core of magnetic metallic liquid. The atmosphere is composed of nitrogen, oxygen, and carbon, in amounts 78, 21, and 1% by volume. This is our target. This is Earth. And this is where one…”

Ben Kingsley – Graydon