What Happens In Vegas

Plot – Jack and Joy are two New Yorkers on holiday in Las Vegas. During a rousing night,they get married and,as a couple,they win 3 million dollars at a slot machine. When they come back to town,they think to divorce quickly but neither of them want to give up the prize. An implacable judge condemns them to six months of forced marriage to save their couple.

Movie Info

Title What Happens In Vegas

Original title What Happens in Vegas

Year 2008

Director Tom Vaughan

GenreComedy, Romance

Top 6 Quotes of “What Happens In Vegas” Movie

“- Jack Fuller: If you stop betting, you never have to lose.
– Joy McNally: I’d bet on you, Jack.”

Ashton Kutcher – Jack Fuller
Cameron Diaz – Joy McNally

“- Jack Fuller Sr.: You’re like a son to me.
– Jack Fuller: Dad, I am your son.”

Treat Williams – Jack Fuller Sr.
Ashton Kutcher – Jack Fuller

“I’ve been married for twenty five years to the same wonderful, infuriating woman. And granted there are days when I want to light her on fire but I don’t, because I love her. And that would be illegal. And you know something, and I might be old fashioned but when I said those vows, I meant them.”

Dennis Miller – Judge Whopper

“What can I say? When you know, you know.” Ashton Kutcher – Jack Fuller

“You should never let a chick get in your head; that’s why I prefer not to even talk to my dates.”

Rob Corddry – Hater

“I’d rather do nothing and be happy than do something I know I don’t love.” Ashton Kutcher – Jack Fuller