Western Union


Movie Info

Title Western Union

Year 1941

Director Fritz Lang

GenreHistory, Western

Top 5 Quotes of “Western Union” Movie

“The Great White Father who speaks with lightning over the singing wire is sorry for the wounding of his Indian son; but the lightning talk is strong medicine and it must go through.” Dean Jagger – Edward Creighton

“Mr. Creighton, you’re a good man to do business with.” Barton MacLane – Jack Slade

“- Sue Creighton: You’re happy, aren’t you?
– Richard Blake: Every man is when his dream is materialized.”

Virginia Gilmore – Sue Creighton
Robert Young – Richard Blake

“- Richard Blake: Makes a nice sound, doesn’t it, coming across a continent.
– Edward Creighton: It’s music.” Robert Young – Richard Blake
Dean Jagger – Edward Creighton

“- Vance Shaw: I like being alone.
– Edward Creighton: The best place to be alone sometimes is in a crowd.”

Randolph Scott – Vance Shaw
Dean Jagger – Edward Creighton