We’re No Angels

Plot – In 1935,three detainees escape from a horrible prison on the American-Canadian border. One of them,the ruthless Bobby,in order to avoid the electric chair,slaughters cops and anyone who tries to stop him. The other two,the harmless Jim and Ned,find themselves with him against their will. Once out of prison,the three separate: Bobby goes his way,the other two approach a border village. Here the two convicts are mistaken for two priests,Father Brown and Father Reilly,who are expected in town for the celebration of Our Lady of Tears. In this situation,Jim seems to be right at home,and with his enviable ability to preach,he attracts the sympathy and esteem of the people. Ned,however,would prefer to escape to Canada,but too many difficulties hinder his project. Meanwhile,the ruthless prison director,with his subordinates and dogs,is on the trail of the fugitives. Jim and Ned are afraid of being caught,but luckily their disguise protects them. However,Bobby arrives and threatens to betray the two convicts. During the solemn procession,Bobby hides under the canopy of the Virgin Mary; Jim is involved in the preparations of the prayers; Ned takes care of a deaf-mute child,daughter of the prostitute Molly,who he has a crush on. Bobby is suddenly discovered by the police; the convict is about to massacre everyone,but Jim bravely confronts and,with the help of law enforcement officers,overcomes the criminal. However,the statue of the Virgin Mary and Molly’s daughter fall into the nearby river. Ned,despite not knowing how to swim,throws himself into the river to save the girl: he miraculously succeeds,re-emerging with the girl holding onto the statue of the Virgin. At this point an unexpected event occurs: the child heals and says some words that reveal Ned’s and Jim’s true identities. The two men,however,are now loved by all and the bishop himself forgives them. The two friends decided to split: Jim will become a real priest and will remain in town; Ned instead leaves for Canada along with Molly and her daughter.

Movie Info

Title We’re No Angels

Year 1989

Director Neil Jordan

GenreComedy, Crime

Top 5 Quotes of “We’re No Angels” Movie

“I can believe most anything, my problem is I just don’t care.”

Robert De Niro – Ned

“- Deputy: Father, Father I’ve been shot!
– Ned: I’m very happy for you.”

Bruno Kirby – Deputy
Robert De Niro – Ned

“Trouble befalls us, everyone has their sadness in their heart. Some people are meant to be heard.”

Sean Penn – Jim

“Have you ever felt completely alone? Alone in a world of danger, and no one to rely on? Danger on every hand, in a world fraught with danger? And at the brink of death I felt in my pocket, and what did I find? What did I find? What did I find? Nothing. There’s nothing there. It’s all in your head.”

Sean Penn – Jim

“Is God good? I don’t know. All I know is something might give you comfort. And maybe you deserve it. If it comforts you to believe in God, you do it, that’s Your business. People have guilty, you know, guilty secrets, well if that’s yours, that you want to go believe in something, well that’s not so bad.”

Sean Penn – Jim