Welcome to Mooseport


Movie Info

Title Welcome to Mooseport

Year 2004

Director Donald Petrie

GenreComedy, Romance

Top 4 Quotes of “Welcome to Mooseport” Movie

“I had dignity once. Does anybody remember that?”

Gene Hackman – Monroe Cole

“- Sally Mannis: What does it matter what color my underwear are?
– Handy Harrison: It’s an unconscious indicator of your subconscious intentions.”

Maura Tierney – Sally Mannis
Ray Romano – Handy Harrison

“We’ll find dirt. Even if we have to make it up.”

Rip Torn – Bert Langdon

“- Monroe Cole: Seven million!
– Grace Sutherland: It’s a negotiation.
– Grace Sutherland: You’ve handled dictators. You’ve handled terrorists.
– Monroe Cole: Terrorists were easier, I swear to God!” Gene Hackman – Monroe Cole
Marcia Gay Harden – Grace Sutherland