Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael

Plot – Celebrations for Roxy Carmichael,who left town 15 years earlier and has become a minor celebrity,are getting ready in Clyde,Ohio. Waiting for her are her former boyfriend Denton and his wife,and especially Dinky,a girl who can hardly bear small town life and her adoptive parents and who also thinks she is Roxy’s and Denton’s illegitimate daughter.

Movie Info

Title Welcome Home,Roxy Carmichael

Year 1990

Director Jim Abrahams

GenreDrama, Comedy

Top 5 Quotes of “Welcome Home,Roxy Carmichael” Movie

“Starting tomorrow there will be hourly tours of Roxy Carmichael’s birthplace. You’ll see where Roxy slept and where she ate during her wonder years. You’ll also see pictures of her beloved dog, Bonkers.”

Micole Mercurio – Louise Garweski

“I didn’t promise I wouldn’t. I said I’d try not to.” Winona Ryder – Dinky Bossetti

“- Dinky Bossetti: I’m sorry if I embarassed you the other day. I kind of got carried away.
– Gerald Howells: You embarassed yourself.”

Winona Ryder – Dinky Bossetti
Thomas Wilson Brown – Gerald Howells

“- Dinky Bossetti: Who understands anyone these days… who wants to?
– Gerald Howells: Gosh, I want to kiss you so bad, Dinky.
– Dinky Bossetti: It’s good to want things.”

Winona Ryder – Dinky Bossetti
Thomas Wilson Brown – Gerald Howells

“From a deep, immaculate kiss she spread her two ripe, dripping limbs and then I happened.”

Winona Ryder – Dinky Bossetti