Weekend at Bernie’s II

Plot – In the prequel Bernie died,but in this movie he has been revived to show where he has hidden the stolen money. Larry and Richard have been fired and think it’s an opportunity.

Movie Info

Title Weekend at Bernie’s II

Year 1993

Director Robert Klane

GenreComedy, Adventure, Fantasy

Top 4 Quotes of “Weekend at Bernie’s II” Movie

“- Richard Parker: What kind of idiots would steal a dead body?
– Larry Wilson: We did!”

Jonathan Silverman – Richard Parker
Andrew McCarthy – Larry Wilson

“- Larry Wilson: Claudia! Weren’t you telling me that there was a way to reverse a curse put on one person by switching the curse to a different person so that the curse was not on the one person but back on the original person?
– Claudia: It’s possible, but you have to believe in the magic for it to work.
– Larry Wilson: In a hypothetical sense,…”

Andrew McCarthy – Larry Wilson
Troy Byer – Claudia

“Stealing shoes off a dead man. Oh, we’re going to hell.”

Jonathan Silverman – Richard Parker

“Why would you need to guard a dead man stuck in a two foot refrigerator?”

Jonathan Silverman – Richard Parker