We Are Your Friends

Plot – Cole,a young DJ,makes the acquaintance of the more experienced and famous colleague James and finds in him a guide who can help him make a change in his so far disappointing career. Simultaneously,Cole falls in love with Sophie,James’ charming and mysterious girlfriend.

Movie Info

Title We Are Your Friends

Year 2015

Director Max Joseph

GenreDrama, Romance, Music

Top 11 Quotes of “We Are Your Friends” Movie

“There is always going to be resistance so you gotta be patient. Look for that one person who’s not afraid to just go for it.” Zac Efron – Cole

“There’s a popular myth that 128 beats per minute is the rate that synergizes most with your heartbeat. That’s the magic number. Once you’ve gotten your crowd there, you’re controlling their entire circulatory system.” Zac Efron – Cole

“If you’re a DJ, all you need is a laptop, some talent and one track. That track is your ticket to everything…”

Zac Efron – Cole

“If you have a dream and it’s made of everything that made you, hardship, friendship, so much love, that’s your ticket to everything. This is my future.”

Zac Efron – Cole

“Oh, I’m a loser? Says the guy with drug dealer friends and no car.”

Wes Bentley – James

“You’re not a real man until you’re 27.”

Wes Bentley – James

“- Sophie: Hey, you know, this party is looking a little stiff, Cole.
– Cole: So what are you saying? I need to amp it up?
– Sophie: You can try, but this crowd doesn’t dance before Midnight.”

Emily Ratajkowski – Sophie
Zac Efron – Cole

“- Ollie: I just read about this guy, right, who invented Instagram. He sold it for $400 million. Now he was 26 years old. You guys want to make real money or do you want to live and die in the valley?
– Cole: We gotta get out of here.”

Shiloh Fernandez – Ollie
Zac Efron – Cole

“When you guys jerk each other off, do you take turns or is it a simultaneous thing?”

Zac Efron – Cole

“Rocking a party, step one. So it’s the DJ’s job to get the crowd out of their heads, and into their bodies. So in order to do that, you need, at the very least a caveman’s sense of rhythm, a cursory knowledge of mathematics, and the broad strokes of ninth grade biology.”

Zac Efron – Cole

“Sounds have soul. Build them from scratch. Find new ones. Get your head out of that laptop and start listening to what the world’s trying to tell you.”

Wes Bentley – James