Way Out West

Plot – Stan and Ollie are headed to Brushwood Gulch to deliver to Mary Roberts the legacy of her father. The mission is anything but simple,but Mickey Finn,Mary’s guardian,tries to take possession of the inheritance.

Movie Info

Title Way Out West

Year 1937

Director James W. Horne

GenreComedy, Western

Top 4 Quotes of “Way Out West” Movie

“I think we’ve given that deed to the wrong woman.” Stan Laurel – Stan

“Any bird can build a nest, but it isn’t every one that can lay an egg.”

Stan Laurel – Stan

“- Lola Marcel: Tell me about my dear, dear Daddy! Is it true that he’s dead?
– Stanley: Well, we hope he is, they buried him.”

Sharon Lynn – Lola Marcel
Stan Laurel – Stan

“- Stanley: Do you mind if I have another idea?
– Ollie: If it’s anything like the last one, yes.”

Stan Laurel – Stan
Oliver Hardy – Oliver