Waterloo Bridge

Plot – In London a dancer meets a captain who is joining the army and they fall in love. They would like to get married,but they can’t do it soon,so they won’t marry anymore. When the officer comes back from the front,the girl isn’t the one he once met and she takes a drastic decision to not deceive him.

Movie Info

Title Waterloo Bridge

Year 1940

Director Mervyn LeRoy

GenreDrama, Romance, War

Top 17 Quotes of “Waterloo Bridge” Movie

“- Roy Cronin: I knew I wouldn’t sleep so I’ve been walking in the garden, confiding my good luck to the stars.
– Myra: Were they pleased?
– Roy Cronin: No, they seemed indifferent. They went on glittering, the little exhibitionists!”

Robert Taylor – Roy Cronin
Vivien Leigh – Myra

“If I don’t feel sorry for myself, who will?”

Virginia Field – Kitty

“Do people have to kill each other to give them a heightened sense of life?”

Vivien Leigh – Myra

“I was never so sure of anything in my life. In the moment you left me after the air raid, I knew I must find you again. I’ve found you and I’ll never let you go.” Robert Taylor – Roy Cronin

“None of your quibbling. None of your questioning. None of your doubts. This is positive, you see. This is affirmative, you see. This is final, you see. You’re going to marry me, you see!” Robert Taylor – Roy Cronin

“You should let the future catch up with you more slowly.” Vivien Leigh – Myra

“I loved you, I’ve never loved anyone else. I never shall, that’s the truth Roy, I never shall.” Vivien Leigh – Myra

“- Roy Cronin: Why goodbye when it’s only till morning?
– Myra: Because, every parting from you is like a little eternity.” Robert Taylor – Roy Cronin
Vivien Leigh – Myra

“You are very conceited, Captain. You are quite mad, Captain! You are reckless and head-strong and… and I adore you, Captain.” Vivien Leigh – Myra

“I have a feeling that from now on, everything’s going to take a turn for the better.”

Vivien Leigh – Myra

“- Myra: Do you think you’ll remember me now?
– Roy Cronin: I think so, for the rest of my life.”

Vivien Leigh – Myra
Robert Taylor – Roy Cronin

“- Kitty: She’s very unhappy, Madame. Her fiancé was called to the front.
– Madame Olga Kirowa: I’m not interested in troop movements.
– Kitty: She was to be married in the morning.
– Madame Olga Kirowa: Nor in social events.” Virginia Field – Kitty
Maria Ouspenskaya – Madame Olga Kirowa

“- Kitty: The whole world doesn’t begin and end with a ballet.
– Madame Olga Kirowa: My world does! And while you are with me, so must yours!” Virginia Field – Kitty
Maria Ouspenskaya – Madame Olga Kirowa

“Either you’re excited about life or you’re not. You know, I’ve never been able to wait for the future.” Robert Taylor – Roy Cronin

“- Roy Cronin: Must be good for the muscles. I should think a dancer’s muscles would be like a strongman.
– Myra: Not quite. That’s a bit dreadful. We try to combine slenderness with strength. I’ve been dancing since I was twelve and I don’t think the muscles are over developed.” Robert Taylor – Roy Cronin
Vivien Leigh – Myra

“- Myra: This hateful war.
– Roy Cronin: I suppose it is. And yet there’s – I don’t know – a certain amount of excitement about it too. Round the corner of every second, the fascination of the unknown. We’re both facing it, this instance.”

Vivien Leigh – Myra
Robert Taylor – Roy Cronin

“Wish I could have seen the ballet. I’m sure it would have been a pleasant memory in the trenches.” Robert Taylor – Roy Cronin