Plot – Cascara is an islet off the Caribbean,a British colony completely forgotten by The Majesty. Suddenly an abandoned oil well squirts out excellent mineral water and all – the British,the Americans,the Cubans and a local rebel- struggle one against the other to control the island.

Movie Info

Title Water

Year 1985

Director Dick Clement

GenreDrama, Comedy, Adventure

Top 9 Quotes of “Water” Movie

“- Delgardo: Show me no mercy, give me no bail! I’m ready and willing to go to jail!
– Baxter: I’m not going to send you to jail for two reasons: first, I refuse to make a martyr of you, and second, it is still being redecorated.”

Billy Connolly – Delgado
Sir Michael Caine – Baxter

“- Pamela: You once called me an undesirable alien…
– Baxter: I lied!”

Valerie Perrine – Pamela
Sir Michael Caine – Baxter

“- Baxter: We don’t get too many visitors here, except people whose ships have run aground.
– Eric: Almost the entire population is descended from shipwreck victims.
– Baxter: Don’t underestimate your own contribution, Eric.”

Sir Michael Caine – Baxter
Fulton Mackay – Eric

“- Rob: This is the Governor’s wife!
– Deke Halliday: You mean she’s not the hooker?
– Baxter: I told you not to wear those heels, darling.”

Dennis Dugan – Rob
Dick Shawn – Deke Halliday
Sir Michael Caine – Baxter

“- Baxter: How can we maintain decorum if our spiritual leader is trying to put his hand up Miss Cascara’s skirt?
– Dolores: You prefer he put his hand up my skirt?
– Baxter: At least you’re used to it. You won’t scream.”

Sir Michael Caine – Baxter
Brenda Vaccaro – Dolores

“Under British law, singing badly is not a crime.”

Oscar James – Miguel

“- Baxter: Smile, Sir Malcolm, as the cameras catch the dying moments of a British colony.
– Sir Malcolm: Dying moments of my career, you mean.” Sir Michael Caine – Baxter
Leonard Rossiter – Sir Malcolm

“Two of us will mine the rig. The explosions will be your signal to blow the cliff face. When they listen to the rebel’s broadcast, that is the time we strike. Meantime, we eat.”

Paul Heiney – Kessler

“I don’t care, I don’t give a damn! British justice is a farce and a sham!” Billy Connolly – Delgado