Watch on the Rhine

Plot – A German engineer has married an American woman. He’s member of an anti-Nazis organization and he’s forced to frequent moves. When with his family he moves to the States,the woman’s family hosts them. There he meets a shady Romanian nobleman who’s in contact with the German Embassy in Washington. When he learns the engineer’s clandestine job,he threatens to report him. The engineer kills him and flees to Europe again. His wife and children follow him loyally.

Movie Info

Title Watch on the Rhine

Year 1943

Directors Herman Shumlin,Hal Mohr


Top 3 Quotes of “Watch on the Rhine” Movie

“I would have married you any day of my life!” Bette Davis – Sara Muller

“I fight against Fascism. That is my trade.” Paul Lukas – Kurt Muller

“I do what must be done. That is what I know how to do.” Paul Lukas – Kurt Muller