War of the Worlds

Plot – Martians have decided to invade Earth because their planet has become uninhabitable. Humans are forced to face a war to survive. Ray Ferrier decides to defend at all costs his children.

Movie Info

Title War of the Worlds

Year 2005

Director Steven Spielberg

GenreSci-Fi, Thriller, Adventure

Top 14 Quotes of “War of the Worlds” Movie

“Lightning never strikes in the same place twice.”

Tom Cruise – Ray Ferrier

“With infinite complacency, men went to and from about the globe, confident of our empire over this world. Yet across the gulf of space, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic regarded our planet with envious eyes and slowly, and surely, drew their plans against us.”

Morgan Freeman – Narration

“I have to see this, dad. You have to let me go. I want to fight. Please! Just let me go!”

Justin Chatwin – Robbie

“- Rachel Ferrier: Are we gonna be okay?
– Ray Ferrier: I don’t know.
– Rachel Ferrier: What do you mean you don’t know? Are you okay?”

Dakota Fanning – Rachel Ferrier
Tom Cruise – Ray Ferrier

“- Rachel Ferrier: I’m allergic to peanut butter.
– Ray Ferrier: Since when?
– Rachel Ferrier: Birth.”

Dakota Fanning – Rachel Ferrier
Tom Cruise – Ray Ferrier

“Who knows? Maybe you will survive. Maybe they’ll take you as a pet or something. Teach ya how to do tricks.” Tim Robbins – Harlan Ogilvy

“- Rachel Ferrier: I wanna go inside.
– Ray Ferrier: All right, go ahead inside.
– Rachel Ferrier: I dont wanna go by myself.” Dakota Fanning – Rachel Ferrier
Tom Cruise – Ray Ferrier

“- Ray Ferrier: Haven’t you heard? Between me and my brother, we know everything.
– Rachel Ferrier: What’s the capital of Australia?
– Ray Ferrier: That’s one my brother knows.”

Tom Cruise – Ray Ferrier
Dakota Fanning – Rachel Ferrier

“They’ve been planning this for a million years. They defeated the greatest power in the world in a couple days. Walked right over us. And these were only the first. They’ll keep coming. This is not a war. This is an extermination.”

Tim Robbins – Harlan Ogilvy

“No one would have believed that our world was being watched by intelligences greater than our own. As men busied themselves about their various concerns, they observed and studied, the way a man with a microscope might scrutinize the creatures that swarm and multiply in a drop of water.”

Morgan Freeman – Narration

“From the moment the invaders arrived, they were undone, destroyed by the tiniest creatures that God in his wisdom put upon this Earth. By the toll of a billion deaths, man had earned his immunity, his right to survive among this planet’s infinite organisms. And that right is ours against all challenges. For neither do men live nor die in vain.”

Morgan Freeman – Narration

“When it’s ready, my body will just push it out.” Dakota Fanning – Rachel Ferrier

“- Rachel Ferrier: What are we supposed to do for food?
– Ray Ferrier: You know… order.”

Dakota Fanning – Rachel Ferrier
Tom Cruise – Ray Ferrier

“- Ray Ferrier: Stay where I can see you.
– Rachel Ferrier: I don’t want you looking at me!
– Ray Ferrier: I won’t, but stay in sight.
– Rachel Ferrier: That’s looking!” Tom Cruise – Ray Ferrier
Dakota Fanning – Rachel Ferrier