War of the Buttons


Movie Info

Title War of the Buttons

Year 1994

Director John Roberts

GenreDrama, Adventure, Family

Top 6 Quotes of “War of the Buttons” Movie

“My brother, he’s as drunk as a scunk.”

Gerard Kearney – Big Con

“That’s right, don’t show your ugly mugs, the shock would sink our boat.”

Gregg Fitzgerald – Fergus

“I’m not paying good money to stand in the toilets.”

Thomas Kavanagh – Riley

“Tell them all what they get if they mess with the boys from Ballydowse.” Gregg Fitzgerald – Fergus

“- Riley: Long live the King.
– Boffin: It’s the Queen now, it is, you moron.
– Riley: Then God save the Queen.”

Thomas Kavanagh – Riley
Darragh Naughton – Boffin

“- Geronimo: Why did we do it?
– Fergus: What?
– Geronimo: Why did we fight?
– Fergus: For the hell of it. What else is there?”

John Coffey – Geronimo
Gregg Fitzgerald – Fergus