War Machine


Movie Info

Title War Machine

Year 2017

Director David Michôd


Top 7 Quotes of “War Machine” Movie

“This is a war. But it’s a war that cannot be won by the virtues of our unassailable military might and power alone. This war will be won primarily with the unassailable might and power of our ideals.”
Brad Pitt – Glen McMahon

“We are the fucking US military. We practically invented everything!”
Anthony Michael Hall – Greg Pulver

“Wars aren’t fought by nations or by armies. Wars are fought by men. There are two types of general in the American military. There are those who believe they can win in the face of all evidence to the contrary. And there are those who know they can’t. Unfortunately for the world, it’s the believers who climb to the top of the ladder. It’s guys…”
Scoot McNairy – Sean Cullen

“- Gen. Glen McMahon: Again, I’m sorry sir, but you need to behave like a leader.
– President Karzai: But I am behaving like a leader! I’m unavailable. I am as unavailable to you as is your own president. Hm?”
Brad Pitt – Gen. Glen McMahon

Ben Kingsley – President Karzai

“Men are imperfect creatures. Left to their own devices all they really wanna do is play with their dicks and eat chicken.”
Scoot McNairy – Sean Cullen

“You could argue that the main reason certain generals like war so much is, well, because only in war that they feel truly relevant. It’s only in war that they feel close to the center of power. Only in war do they feel the warm glow of other people’s attention.”
Scoot McNairy – Sean Cullen

“I used to think that men went gray because they had stressful jobs with stressful decisions to make. Now, I think it happens when men start to feel in their bones that the great moments of their lives… might not turn out to be quite as great as they’d always hoped. When the real world starts creeping in. What separates the believers like Glen…”
Scoot McNairy – Sean Cullen