Walt Before Mickey

Plot – The film shows the early years of Walt Disney’s career before the creation of Mickey Mouse.

Movie Info

Title Walt Before Mickey

Year 2015

Director Khoa Le

GenreDrama, Biography

Top 4 Quotes of “Walt Before Mickey” Movie

“You gotta get your head outta the clouds.” Jon Heder – Roy Disney

“- Roy Disney: Well? What do you think?
– Walt Disney: It’s a barn.
– Roy Disney: It’s our company’s headquarters.”

Jon Heder – Roy Disney
Thomas Ian Nicholas – Walt Disney

“When I moved to Kansas City I asked the question: was I going to be an actor, or an artist? From then on, all I thought about was animation.”

Thomas Ian Nicholas – Walt Disney

“Let me tell you something about life… always finish what you start and anything worth doing, is worth doing well.”

Donn Lamkin – Elias Disney