Walk Of Shame


Movie Info

Title Walk Of Shame

Original title Walk of Shame

Year 2014

Director Steven Brill


Top 7 Quotes of “Walk Of Shame” Movie

“- Denise: He is lying to us, there is no subway in Los Angeles.
– Gordon: Yes, there is!
– Denise: Where? How come I’ve never seen it?
– Gordon: It’s underground.”

Sarah Wright – Denise
James Marsden – Gordon

“No, I’m not a hipster. I can’t grow a convincing enough beard.”

James Marsden – Gordon

“- Kyle: Are you in a crack house?
– Meghan: Yes! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you!”

Oliver Hudson – Kyle
Jan Struther – Meghan

“- Meghan: What does a post-modern romantic writer do all day?
– Gordon: Find beauty and praise it.
– Meghan: That’s like the opposite of what I do.”

Jan Struther – Meghan
James Marsden – Gordon

“- Rose: I’m gonna take you to a club, you’re gonna meet some young stupid hot guy, and you’re gonna take all your anger and aggression out on his penis.
– Meghan: I don’t know, I don’t do that with penises.”

Gillian Jacobs – Rose
Jan Struther – Meghan

“- Hulk: Pookie, what you smoking on?
– Pookie: Weed laced with embalming fluid. It’s pretty good.”

Da’Vone McDonald – Hulk
Alphonso McAuley – Pookie

“- Meghan: I’m not sucking dick for crack.
– Hulk: What you’re sucking dick for then?
– Meghan: Nothing!”

Elizabeth Banks – Meghan