Walk Like a Man

Plot – Bobo disappeared in the woods at the age of four during a snow storm; since then no one has had more news of him. Thirty years have gone by. While doing research,a naturalist named Penny finds a young wild man who grew up with wolves and is completely unable to speak and she is able to bring him back with her to the city. The story from here develops on two tracks. On one hand there is Bobo’s return to society: thanks to Penny’s patience,the young man slowly integrates back into civilization while retaining some … dog habits. On the other,there is the the relationship between Bobo and his hostile brother,who is jealous of his good fortune also because of the inheritance left to Bobo by their father.

Movie Info

Title Walk Like a Man

Year 1987

Director Melvin Frank


Top 1 quote Quotes of “Walk Like a Man” Movie

“You’re the only man whoever bet on a horse that started from a kneeling position.”

Colleen Camp – Rhonda Shand