Walk Hard

Plot – Singer with a turbulent past,Dewey Cox becomes a rock legend and influences millions of people with his songs. However,during his journey to success he begins to use drugs and to date a large number of women. Meanwhile,Cox becomes friends with singers like Elvis and the Beatles.

Movie Info

Title Walk Hard

Original title Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Year 2007

Director Jake Kasdan

GenreComedy, Music

Top 15 Quotes of “Walk Hard” Movie

“It turns all your bad feelings into good feelings. It’s a nightmare!” Tim Meadows – Sam

“- Edith: What have I ever done to you?
– Dewey Cox: Like that time you woke up in the middle of the night and drank up all the milk! And then I got up to have my corn flakes and there was none left!
– Edith: Dewey, you cheated on me!
– Dewey Cox: Oh, so I’m a cheater, but you can just drink up all the milk.”

Kristen Wiig – Edith
John C. Reilly – Dewey Cox

“- Edith: What about my dreams?
– Dewey Cox: Edith, I told you, I can’t build you a candy house! It will fall apart, the sun will melt the candy, it won’t work!”

Kristen Wiig – Edith
John C. Reilly – Dewey Cox

– Record Producer: You have failed conclusively! It’s over! And there is nothing that you can do, here in this room… that can turn that around. Nothing you can do that can make up for what you just did to “That’s Amore”.
– Dewey Cox: [quietly] Well, my mother liked it a whole lot.
– Record Producer: Your mother was wrong! John Michael Higgins – Record Producer
John C. Reilly – Dewey Cox

– Preacher: [referring to Dewey Cox’s song] You think we don’t know what you’re talking about when you say “take my hand?”.
– Dewey Cox: What do you mean? It’s about holding hands.
– Pa Cox: You watch your mouth.
– Preacher: You know who’s got hands? The devil. And he uses them for holding.

Rance Howard – Preacher
John C. Reilly – Dewey Cox
Raymond J. Barry – Pa Cox

“- Sam: [holding a pill] Dewey, get out of here. You don’t want no part of this shit.
– Dewey Cox: What is it?
– Sam: It’s medication for erectile dysfunction, it gives you a boner! Not to be used if you have a pre-existing heart condition. If boners last more than four hours, call more ladies.” Tim Meadows – Sam
John C. Reilly – Dewey Cox

“- Ma Cox: I’m just so glad you learned to play the guitar so good… even without having a sense of smell!
– Dewey Cox: It’s okay mama, I learned how to play by ear.”

Margo Martindale – Ma Cox
John C. Reilly – Dewey Cox

“Sometimes when I’m lyin’ in bed, I ache for a man’s touch… and by a man’s touch, I mean a penis in my vagina.”

Jenna Fischer – Darlene

“- Dave: You slept with my wife!
– Theo: You slept with me, too! And I’ve had confused feelings about that for ten years now!”

Matt Besser – Dave
Chris Parnell – Theo

“- Theo: Those stupid siamese glass cats you get us every year for Christmas! I don’t want anymore siamese glass cats!
– Dewey Cox: The siamese cat is a symbol of nobility in Ancient Egypt.
– Sam: Fuck nobility!
– Dave: Fuck Ancient Egypt!
– Theo: Fuck cats!”

Chris Parnell – Theo
John C. Reilly – Dewey Cox
Tim Meadows – Sam
Matt Besser – Dave

“- Sam: Get out of here, Dewey. You don’t want no part of this shit.
– Dewey Cox: Whatch y’all doin’ in here?
– Sam: We doin’ pills. Uppers and downers. It’s the logical next step for you.
– Dewey Cox: I want some of that shit!”

Tim Meadows – Sam
John C. Reilly – Dewey Cox

“- Edith: It’s illegal to be married to two people at the same time, Dewey!
– Dewey Cox: What about if, if you’re famous?”

Kristen Wiig – Edith
John C. Reilly – Dewey Cox

“- Dewey Cox: Edith, I am starting to think… that maybe you don’t believe in me.
– Edith: I do believe in you. I just know you’re gonna fail.”

John C. Reilly – Dewey Cox
Kristen Wiig – Edith

“It’s still not finished yet. I’m hearing… more Aboriginal percussionists. And I want an army of digeridoos. Fifty thousand digeridoos!” John C. Reilly – Dewey Cox

“Prison has changed me. I understand the common man the way I never did before. I gotta get out of here! So I can bring joy to the men back in here, but I don’t wanna live with them!”

John C. Reilly – Dewey Cox