Wag the Dog

Plot – Only two weeks are left to the presidential elections. The current US president is involved in a scandal and before it causes some irreparable damages for his re-election,Conrad Brean is called. He’s an advisor expert in mass media communication and must cover the possible trial involving the President. Conrad has an extraordinary ability to manipulate politics,press and public,so he travels to Los Angeles and involves Motss Stanley,a director and a producer. After several ideas,they find the right one,that is to let people believe there’s a war bursting and that the United States are forced to participate.

Movie Info

Title Wag the Dog

Year 1997

Director Barry Levinson

GenreDrama, Comedy

Top 20 Quotes of “Wag the Dog” Movie

“- Winifred Ames: Fuck you!
– Conrad Brean: Leave it alone! What did television ever do to you?
– Winifred Ames: It destroyed the electoral process!” Anne Heche – Winifred Ames
Robert De Niro – Conrad Brean

“We’re not gonna have a war, we’re gonna have the appearance of a war.”

Robert De Niro – Conrad Brean

“All combat takes place at night, in the rain, and at the junction of four map segments…”

Robert De Niro – Conrad Brean

“- Tracy Lime: What would they do to me if I did tell someone about this?
– Conrad Brean: They could come to your house in the middle of the night and kill you.” Kirsten Dunst – Tracy Lime
Robert De Niro – Conrad Brean

“- Conrad Brean: If Kissinger can win the Peace Prize, I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up and find out I’d won the Preakness.
– Stanley Motss: Yes but, our guy did bring peace.
– Conrad Brean: But there wasn’t a war.
– Stanley Motss: All the greater accomplishment.”

Robert De Niro – Conrad Brean
Dustin Hoffman – Stanley Motss

You said “Go to war to protect your way of life”. This is your way of life. Isn’t it? And if there ain’t no war, then you, my friend, can go home and prematurely take up golf. Because there ain’t no war but ours. Robert De Niro – Conrad Brean

“- Stanley Motss: He’s fine as long as he gets his medications…
– Winifred Ames: And if he doesn’t get his medications?
– Stanley Motss: He’s not fine.” Dustin Hoffman – Stanley Motss
Anne Heche – Winifred Ames

“- Conrad Brean: You’re playing with your life here.
– Stanley Motss: Fuck my life! I want the credit.” Robert De Niro – Conrad Brean
Dustin Hoffman – Stanley Motss

“To go to that war, you’ve got to be prepared. You have to be alert, and the public has to be alert. Cause that is the war of the future, and if you’re not gearing up, to fight that war, eventually the axe will fall.” Robert De Niro – Conrad Brean

“The war of the future is nuclear terrorism. It is and it will be against a small group of dissidents who, unbeknownst, perhaps, to their own governments, have blah blah blah.” Robert De Niro – Conrad Brean

“They’re war slogans. We remember the slogans, we can’t even remember the fucking wars. You know why? That’s show business. Naked girl covered in Napalm. ‘V for Victory’. Five Marines raising the flag. You remember the picture 50 years from now, you’ll have forgotten the war. The Gulf War, smart bomb falling down a chimney. 2500 missions a day,…” Robert De Niro – Conrad Brean

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

Robert De Niro – Conrad Brean

“You take the fruit of forty years – hard lessons, mistakes – and you call it wisdom.”

Dustin Hoffman – Stanley Motss

“- Stanley Motss: I bet you’re great at chess.
– Conrad Brean: I would be if I could remember how all the pieces moved.”

Dustin Hoffman – Stanley Motss
Robert De Niro – Conrad Brean

“It’s like a plumber: do your job right and nobody should notice. But when you fuck it up, everything gets full of shit.” Dustin Hoffman – Stanley Motss

“Look at that! That is a complete fucking fraud, and it looks a hundred percent real. It’s the best work I’ve ever done in my life, because it’s so honest.” Dustin Hoffman – Stanley Motss

“There are two things I know to be true. There’s no difference between good flan and bad flan, and there is no war.”

Richard Lawson – Young Man / CIA

“- Winifred Ames: Why Albania?
– Conrad Brean: Why not?
– Winifred Ames: What have they done to us?
– Conrad Brean: What have they done for us? What do you know about them?
– Winifred Ames: Nothing.
– Conrad Brean: See? They keep to themselves. Shifty. Untrustable.”

Anne Heche – Winifred Ames
Robert De Niro – Conrad Brean

“- Conrad Brean: You watched the Gulf War, what do you see day after day? The one smart bomb falling down the chimney. The truth? I was in the building when we shot that shot – we shot in a studio, Falls Church, Virginia. One-tenth scale model of a building.
– Stanley Motss: Is that true?
– Conrad Brean: How the fuck do we know? You take my point?”

Robert De Niro – Conrad Brean
Dustin Hoffman – Stanley Motss

“- Johnny Dean: Albania’s hard to rhyme.
– Stanley Motss: What are you looking at me for? It’s the name of the country.” Willie Nelson – Johnny Dean
Dustin Hoffman – Stanley Motss