Movie Info

Title Vulgar

Year 2000

Director Bryan Johnson

GenreDrama, Crime, Thriller

Top 3 Quotes of “Vulgar” Movie

“You know what you are, William? A whole lot of nothing.”

Jay Petrick – Wilma Carlson

“This is how I kiss… and I’m gonna kiss you all over…” Jerry Lewkowitz – Ed Fanelli

“- Will Carlson: Shine bumbers if you want. I’m sure you’ll make a killing. But that’s how it all starts, crappy job here, crappy job there. Next thing you know, you’re living on the dole, wondering where your life went. Your problem, zero patience.
– Syd Gilbert: You’re right. I should make my living dancing around like a mongoloid on a bad…”

Brian O’Halloran – Will Carlson
Bryan Johnson – Syd Gilbert