Vox Lux


Movie Info

Title Vox Lux

Year 2018

Director Brady Corbet

GenreDrama, Musical

Top 11 Quotes of “Vox Lux” Movie

“I used to be treated like I was a hero, and then they start talking about me like I’m trailer trash. But that’s what this show is about. It’s about rebirth.”

Natalie Portman – Celeste

“It doesn’t matter anymore if you’re Michelangelo, or if you’re Mikey and Angelo from New Brighton. All that matters is that you have an angle.”

Natalie Portman – Celeste

“I keep feeling like big moments get stolen away from me.” Natalie Portman – Celeste

“- Albertine: I’m worried about you.
– Celeste: You’re worried about me? You don’t need to worry about me. I’m solid. I worry about you. Baby, that’s my job to worry about you.” Raffey Cassidy – Albertine
Natalie Portman – Celeste

“- The Manager: Do you actually believe the weird shit you said up there?
– Celeste: They wanted a show, I gave them a show.”

Jude Law – The Manager
Natalie Portman – Celeste

“You can fuck me for a little while we’re high.” Natalie Portman – Celeste

“- Young Celeste: I’ll nail that, then we can get started on Body Talk.
– Music director: I’m sorry, what section is that?
– Young Celeste: It’s the next track.”

Raffey Cassidy – Young Celeste
Erik King – Music director

“One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four we go.”

Raffey Cassidy – Young Celeste

“That’s what I love about pop music. I don’t want people to have to think too hard. I just want them to feel good.”

Raffey Cassidy – Young Celeste

“It’s… it’s a weird world we live in, and, I guess, no matter how much you try to ignore all these things that are really happening, sometimes they just find a way to creep in.”

Natalie Portman – Celeste

“I am sick and tired of everybody treating me like I’m not a person!”

Natalie Portman – Celeste