Movie Info

Title Vice

Year 2018

Director Adam McKay

GenreDrama, Comedy, Biography

Top 7 Quotes of “Vice” Movie

“- George W. Bush: So we gonna do this thing, or what? I mean, is this happening?
– Dick Cheney: I believe… we can make this work.”

Sam Rockwell – George W. Bush
Christian Bale – Dick Cheney

“Love is the only human emotion you can’t fake. Except women. And thank God they can.”

Kevin Symons – Male News Anchor

“Beware the quiet man. For while others speak, he watches. And while others act, he plans. And when they finally rest… he strikes.”

“As the world becomes more and more confusing, we tend to focus on the things that are right there in front of us. While ignoring the massive forces that actually change and shape our lives.”

Jesse Plemons – Kurt

“When we do have free time, the last thing we want is complicated analysis of our government, lobbying, international trade agreements, and tax bills. So it’s no surprise that when a monotone bureaucratic Vice President came to power we hardly noticed. As he achieved a position of authority that very few leaders in the history of America ever…”

Jesse Plemons – Kurt

“I’m having a heart attack, you idiot.”

Christian Bale – Dick Cheney

“I can feel your incriminations and your judgment, and I am fine with that. You want to be loved? Go be a movie star. The world is as you find it. You’ve gotta deal with that reality that there are monsters in this world.”

Christian Bale – Dick Cheney