Vice Versa

Plot – Marshall Seymour is an executive,a divorced man and a father. He’s very busy at work and his son feels neglected. When Marshall comes back from Thailand,he carries home a strange skull-shaped statue and during a bad quarrel with his son both express the desire to be in each other’s body. The skull is magical and realizes the wish: suddenly Charlie is reincarnated in his father’s body while the man takes his son’s one.

Movie Info

Title Vice Versa

Year 1988

Director Brian Gilbert

GenreComedy, Fantasy

Top 2 Quotes of “Vice Versa” Movie

“This is the woman who I couldn’t live with as a husband, and now I’m going to be her son.” Judge Reinhold – Marshall

“- Charlie: How old are you dad?
– Marshall: Younger than I used to be, kid.”

Fred Savage – Charlie
Judge Reinhold – Marshall