Very Bad Things

Plot – A girl has been dreaming for 27 years to walk down the classic wedding aisle,dressed up and surrounded by relatives,friends and only few troubles. However,on the wedding’s eve the fiancé and his friends go to Las Vegas for the bachelor party. Here,they are involved in a shady matter that leads to other immoral and horrible events.

Movie Info

Title Very Bad Things

Year 1998

Director Peter Berg

GenreComedy, Crime, Thriller

Top 21 Quotes of “Very Bad Things” Movie

“Your kid is one crutch short of a telethon, you’ve got a frigid, swamp-hog wife…” Jeremy Piven – Michael Berkow

“- Michael Berkow: You have some serious male-on-male intimacy problems!
– Adam Berkow: What’re you fucking talking about?
– Michael Berkow: You can’t deal with men!”

Jeremy Piven – Michael Berkow
Daniel Stern – Adam Berkow

“I am not to be common. I am a creature like no other.”

Cameron Diaz – Laura Garrety

“- Michael Berkow: We were playing. She bumped her head.
– Adam Berkow: Bumped? She’s got a fuckin’ spike in her head!” Jeremy Piven – Michael Berkow
Daniel Stern – Adam Berkow

“- Kyle Fisher: I’m calling the police.
– Robert Boyd: So help me God, you touch that fuckin’ phone, I’ll bury you with them!” Jon Favreau – Kyle Fisher
Christian Slater – Robert Boyd

“Don’t let him bleed on the carpet!” Christian Slater – Robert Boyd

“Why are you calling an ambulance? She’s dead.” Christian Slater – Robert Boyd

“- Robert Boyd: Call the police. Good. That’s one option.
– Adam Berkow: That’s not an option! This is not multiple choice, here!
– Robert Boyd: Yes, it is. There are always options.” Christian Slater – Robert Boyd
Daniel Stern – Adam Berkow

“- Security Guard: What the hell gets into you people?
– Robert Boyd: Drugs and alcohol.
– Security Guard: I got no problem with that.” Russell B. McKenzie – Security Guard
Christian Slater – Robert Boyd

“I have been looking for that flash. I’ve been looking and I’ve been looking, and I can’t find it. What if it already happened, you know? My moment! What if it already happened and I didn’t see it?” Jeremy Piven – Michael Berkow

“I’m like a lighthouse! I stayed lit for you man! I never go dark.” Christian Slater – Robert Boyd

“- Laura Garrety: Are you calling me from jail?
– Kyle Fisher: Not yet…”

Cameron Diaz – Laura Garrety
Jon Favreau – Kyle Fisher

“- Michael Berkow: I’m not gonna try to use you as a hand puppet or anything. I just wanna…
– Tina: Okay.
– Michael Berkow: … make sweet love to you because you have no idea what you’ve gotten into.”

Jeremy Piven – Michael Berkow
Kobe Tai – Tina

“- Charles Moore: How do you know she’s dead?
– Adam Berkow: She’s got no fuckin’ pulse. She’s got no pulse!”

Leland Orser – Charles Moore
Daniel Stern – Adam Berkow

“We’re not helping anything by losing our temper. Let’s just get our heads together. Whatever we associate in our nervous system determines our behavior. Just relax.” Christian Slater – Robert Boyd

“- Robert Boyd: Nobody knows she’s here. I called her personally. Nobody knows.
– Adam Berkow: Her blood is all over the bathroom! Don’t you think we got a little bit of a DNA problem here?
– Robert Boyd: It’s a marble floor. We can clean it up.” Christian Slater – Robert Boyd
Daniel Stern – Adam Berkow

“Allow me to be the first to say that what we have done here is not a good thing. It’s definitely not a good thing. But it was, given the circumstances, the smart play.” Christian Slater – Robert Boyd

“The room looks like the Manson family stayed here a month.” Christian Slater – Robert Boyd

“If you take away the horror of the scene, take away the tragedy of the death, take away all the moral and ethical implications that have been drilled into your head since grade one, do you know what you’re left with? A 105-pound problem that needs to be moved from point A to point B.”

Christian Slater – Robert Boyd

“- Michael Berkow: You’ve never been a team player, that’s why you don’t have any friends.
– Adam Berkow: What’re you talking about? I have friends.
– Michael Berkow: The hell you do.
– Adam Berkow: The hell I don’t.
– Michael Berkow: You have acquaintances. Superficial golf-buddies.”

Jeremy Piven – Michael Berkow
Daniel Stern – Adam Berkow

“- Kyle Fisher: Where do you look? What side of the neck?
– Charles Moore: Left, left, left side.
– Adam Berkow: Either side, you idiot!” Jon Favreau – Kyle Fisher
Leland Orser – Charles Moore
Daniel Stern – Adam Berkow