Vertical Limit

Plot – Peter Garrett is a young climber who gets involved in a rescue mission on the K2. It’s very dangerous but he has to save his sister Annie and the other members of an expedition. Years ago,Peter and Annie had been involved in a terrible accident and Peter had to cut their father’s rope to save himself and his sister. After that shocking story,Peter has stopped climbing to dedicate to naturalistic photography,while his sister has continued to chase her father’s dream,that is climbing one of the most feared peaks of the world.

Movie Info

Title Vertical Limit

Year 2000

Director Martin Campbell

GenreDrama, Adventure, Action

Top 15 Quotes of “Vertical Limit” Movie

“Intelligence doesn’t threaten me. Stupidity does.”

Bill Paxton – Elliot Vaughn

“National Geographic is always welcome. They’re the only Westerners who ever come to Pakistan without wanting to conquer something.”

Roshan Seth – Colonel Amir Salim

“- Peter: Can you climb?
– Monique: Peter wants to know if I can climb!
– Skip: Worst I ever seen. Couldn’t climb a ladder.
– Peter: You’re that good, huh?
– Monique: Yes… But it was a very tall ladder.”

Chris O’Donnell – Peter Garrett
Izabella Scorupco – Monique Aubertine
Robert Taylor – Skip Taylor

“- Wick: Who’s the leader, Mr. Vaughn? Who makes decisions on the mountain that mean other people live or die? Who plays God, so to speak?
– Elliot: There can only be one leader. It’s always the best climber. In this case I’ve made it clear to everyone Tom McLaren is that man.”

Scott Glenn – Montgomery Wick
Bill Paxton – Elliot Vaughn

“I’ve been thinking a lot about Dad. We shouldn’t have gotten him a grave. We should have come up here together with his ashes. He said this is where he was the happiest. He was a climber. I think every real climber would want to stay on the mountain.” Robin Tunney – Annie Garrett

“- Elliot: We can’t waste resources on a lost cause.
– Annie: Saving somebody’s life is not a lost cause.
– Elliot: It is if you know they can’t be saved. Why should three people die, if two can live?”

Robin Tunney – Annie Garrett
Bill Paxton – Elliot Vaughn

“Born-agains say I don’t believe in Jesus, so I’ll go to Hell. Jews say I do believe in Jesus, I’ll go to Hell. Catholics say I don’t believe in the pope, I’ll go to Hell. So any way you look at it, I’m in the shit.”

Ben Mendelsohn – Malcolm Bench

“That’s a bloody great idea. Smoking next to the nitro. Although, bro and I always hoped that you’d blow us.”

Steve Le Marquand – Cyril Bench

“Don’t mind her. She’s French-Canadian. Some days she’s Canadian. Can be quite pleasant. Today she’s obviously French.” Robert Taylor – Skip Taylor

“- Skip: What the hell are you doing?
– Malcolm Bench: I’m trying to kiss my ass goodbye.”

Robert Taylor – Skip Taylor
Ben Mendelsohn – Malcolm Bench

“Come on, darling. Give us a smile. It’s the second best thing you can do with your lips.”

Steve Le Marquand – Cyril Bench

“- Peter: My sister’s dying up there, Mr. Wick.
– Montgomery Wick: Up there you’re not dying, you’re dead.” Chris O’Donnell – Peter Garrett
Scott Glenn – Montgomery Wick

“All men die, my friend. But Allah says it’s what we do before we die that counts.”

Alexander Siddig – Kareem Nazir

“- Annie: That was a hell of a thing you did up there. Anybody else would have given up.
– Peter: Not everybody.
– Annie: He’d be proud of you. Angry, but really proud.” Robin Tunney – Annie Garrett
Chris O’Donnell – Peter Garrett

“You should try the tea, indian of course. We’re maybe at war with them but there’s no sense in over-reacting, their tea’s the best.”

Temuera Morrison – Major Rasul