Velvet Goldmine

Plot – During the early ’80s Arthur,a British journalist who works for a New York newspaper,is commissioned to write an article on Brian Slade,the legendary glam rock star who suddenly disappeared from the scenes at the height of his fame. As a teenager,Arthur was fond of Slade and with excitement the journalist tries to analyze the relationship between Brian and his wife Mandy. During an interview,she tells him about London in the middle of the Seventies,when rock music was spreading all around with its unbridled and narcissistic sound. Slade loved that exhibitionist atmosphere and wore flashy clothes,dyed hairstyles. He liked ambivalence and lack of restraint in sexual attitudes too. When they married,Slade went to America and became a close friend of Curt Wild,another rock star. When the interview is over,Arthur calls Curt Wild who invites him to a Tommy Stone concert. Arthur goes to the show and thinks Tommy looks just like Brian.

Movie Info

Title Velvet Goldmine

Year 1998

Director Todd Haynes

GenreDrama, Music

Top 23 Quotes of “Velvet Goldmine” Movie

“A real artist creates beautiful things and puts nothing of his own life into them.”

Ewan Gordon McGregor – Curt Wild

“- Mandy Slade: I just don’t think I have what you’re looking for.
– Arthur Stuart: I think you do, actually.
– Mandy Slade: What makes you think so?
– Arthur Stuart: That smile for one thing.”

Toni Collette – Mandy Slade
Christian Bale – Arthur Stuart

“Make a wish, and see yourself on stage, inside out, a tangle of garlands in your hair. Course, you are pleasantly surprised.”

Ewan Gordon McGregor – Curt Wild

“The first duty in life is to assume a pose. What the second duty is, no one has yet found out.”

David Hoyle – Freddi

“Just because someone sees two naked people asleep in bed together, it doesn’t necessarily prove sex was involved. It does, however, make for a very strong case.”

Toni Collette – Mandy Slade

“What’s true about music is true about life: that beauty reveals everything because it expresses nothing.”

Toni Collette – Mandy Slade

“- Curt Wild: We set out to change the world… ended up just changing ourselves.
– Arthur Stuart: What’s wrong with that?
– Curt Wild: Nothing, if you don’t look at the world.”

Ewan Gordon McGregor – Curt Wild
Christian Bale – Arthur Stuart

“Style always wins out in the end.”

Michael Feast – Cecil

“You live in terror of not being misunderstood.”

Toni Collette – Mandy Slade

“It’s funny how beautiful people look when they’re walking out the door.”

Toni Collette – Mandy Slade

“Nothing makes one so vain as being told one is a sinner!”

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers – Brian Slade

“Man is least himself when he talks in his own person… Give him a mask and he’ll tell you the truth.”

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers – Brian Slade

“Woman defend themselves by attacking, just as they attack by sudden and strange surrenders.”

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers – Brian Slade

“- Reporter: Why the make-up?
– Brian Slade: Why? Because rock and roll’s a prostitute.”

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers – Brian Slade

“- BBC Reporter: So you’re saying you’re bisexual?
– Young Man: I like boys. I like girls. They’re all great. No difference, is there?”

Damian Suchet – BBC Reporter
Wash Westmoreland – Young Man

“There’s suffering at the birth of a child as at the birth of a star.”

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers – Brian Slade

“I’m not really myself except in the midst of elegant crowds, at the heart of rich districts, or amid the sumptuous ornamentation of palace hotels, an army of servants, and plush carpet underfoot.”

Ganiat Kasumu – Mary

“The world is changed because you are made of ivory and gold. The curves of your lips rewrite history.”

Ewan Gordon McGregor – Curt Wild

“Every great century that produces art is, so far, an artificial century, and the work that seems the most natural and simple of its time is always the result of the most self-conscious effort.”

Eddie Izzard – Jerry Devine

“Today there’d be fighting in the streets, but in 1972, it was more like dancing.” Toni Collette – Mandy Slade

“- Reporter: Are the rumors true when they say you and Curt Wild have some sort of plans up your sleeve?
– Brian Slade: Yes. Quite soon we actually plan to take over the world!”

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers – Brian Slade

“I needn’t mention how essential dreaming is to the character of the rock star.”

Toni Collette – Mandy Slade

“- Brian Slade: They despised him.
– Mandy Slade: But when you’re abused like that, you know you’ve touched the stars.” Jonathan Rhys-Meyers – Brian Slade
Toni Collette -Mandy Slade