Velvet Buzzsaw


Movie Info

Title Velvet Buzzsaw

Year 2019

Director Dan Gilroy


Top 5 Quotes of “Velvet Buzzsaw” Movie

“- Josephina: Nothing is ever good enough for you.
– Morf Vandewalt: Well, it’s my job. I’m selective. What are you even saying? Toss out taste and standards? Whisper the truth? What a tragic world that would be.”
Zawe Ashton – Josephina
Jake Gyllenhaal – Morf Vandewalt

“What’s the point of art if nobody sees it?”
Zawe Ashton – Josephina

“All art is dangerous, Morf.”
Rene Russo – Rhodora Haze

“Critique is so limiting and emotionally draining.”
Jake Gyllenhaal – Morf Vandewalt

“A bad review is better than sinking into the great glut of anonymity.”
Jake Gyllenhaal – Morf Vandewalt