Under the Silver Lake


Movie Info

Title Under the Silver Lake

Year 2018

Director David Robert Mitchell


Top 6 Quotes of “Under the Silver Lake” Movie

“Do you really think you’re going to find a hidden message in a pop song?”
Christopher Grace – Bar Buddy

“Why do we assume that all this information is what we’re told it is? Maybe there are people out there who are more important than us, more powerful, communicating things in the world that are meant for only them and not for us.”
Andrew Garfield – Sam

“- Comic Man: You’re living in a carnival, hoping to win a prize. What are you going to win?
– Sam: Under the Silver Lake.”
Patrick Fischler – Comic Man

Andrew Garfield – Sam

“Our world is filled with codes, subliminal messages. From Silverlake to the Hollywood Hills.”
Patrick Fischler – Comic Man

“There’s a message in the music.”
Jimmi Simpson – Allen

“Used to be – a hundred years ago – y’know, any moron could kinda wander into the woods and look behind a rock or some shit and discover some cool new thing, y’know? Not anymore. Where’s the mystery that makes everything worthwhile? We crave mystery, ’cause there’s none left.”
Christopher Grace – Bar Buddy