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July 15, 1979
top model, actor
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  • Warcraft

Travis Fimmel movie quotes, phrases and lines

“True stories are way more interesting.”
Travis Fimmel

In: About Colleagues

“Patrick Swayze is a fantastic man and an inspiration to work with. He is a fearless cowboy type and a movie icon.”
Travis FimmelOn Patrick Swayze

“People take years learning how to act; it’s a skill, not just a job.”
Travis Fimmel

In: Acting Coaching

“Half of acting is you’re very intimidated, overcoming your fears, letting yourself be vulnerable in front of people and that sort of stuff.”
Travis Fimmel

“It’s hard to prove yourself when the substance isn’t there in certain roles.”
Travis Fimmel

From the movie: Warcraft

“Some see death as having some greater purpose, but when it is one of your own, it is hard to grasp anything good comes from it.”
Travis Fimmel – Anduin Lothar

From the movie: Warcraft

“I’ve spent more time protecting my king, than my own son. Does that make me loyal, or a fool?”
Travis Fimmel – Anduin Lothar

From the movie: Warcraft

“- Durotan: It has begun, our world is on the edge of war. It’s death to all things.
– Anduin Lothar: So why are you here?
– Durotan: To save our people.”
Toby Kebbell – Durotan
Travis Fimmel – Anduin Lothar