Toy Story 4


Plot – Woody has always known his place in the worlds and his priority has always been taking care of children, Andy or Bonnie. When Forky, Bonnie’s new school project made into a toy calls himself‘trash’ and doesn’t think he is worthy of being called a toy, Woody decides to show him the positives of his new life. During a trip with Bonnie and her family, Woody finds his long-lost friend, Bo Peep. Woody and Bo will discover that their respective lives as toys are now very different, but this is the last of their problems…

Movie Info

Title Toy Story 4

Year 2019

Director Josh Cooley


Top 11 Quotes of “Toy Story 4” Movie

“Yeah, he’s with me. My friend? No, no, no. He’s my accessory.”

Annie Potts – Bo Peep

“Woody, I have a question. Um, well, actually, not just one, I have all of them. I have all the questions.”
Kristen Schaal – Trixie

“- Woody: Okay, like it or not, you are a toy. Maybe you don’t like being one, but you are one nonetheless. Which means you are going to be there for Andy when he…
– Forky: Who’s Andy?
– Woody: I mean, Bonnie. You have to be there for Bonnie. That is your job.
– Forky: Well, what’s your job?
Woody: Well, right now, it’s to make sure you do yours.”
Tom Hanks – Woody
Tony Hale – Forky

“- Gabby Gabby: Now, about our friend Woody. I want to know everything about him.
– Forky: Oh, yeah, Woody. I’ve known that guy my whole life. Two days.”
Christina Hendricks – Gabby Gabby
Tony Hale – Forky

“Being there for a child is the most noble thing a toy can do.”
Tom Hanks – Woody

“Listen to your inner voice.”
Tim Allen – Buzz Lightyear

“The panic is attacking me!”
Wallace Shawn – Rex

“Be who you are right now.”
Annie Potts – Bo Peep

“- Woody: Ya know, you’ve handled this lost toy life better than I could.
– Bo Peep: Open your eyes, Woody. There’s plenty of kids out there. Sometimes change can be good!
– Woody: You can’t teach this old toy new tricks.
– Bo Peep: You’d be surprised.”
Tom Hanks – Woody
Annie Potts – Bo Peep

“I am not a toy, I was made for soups, salads, maybe chili, and then the trash. Freedom!”
Tony Hale – Forky

“I was made to help a child, I don’t remember it being this hard.”
Tom Hanks – Woody