To Be or Not to Be


Plot – Stage actor Frederick Bronski is a member of the Polish government in exile in London during the German occupation of his country. He returns to Warsaw to eliminate a double agent and then manages to leave the country with all his theatre company, thanks to a sensational series of disguises.

Movie Info

Title To Be or Not to Be

Year 1983

Director Alan Johnson


Top 12 Quotes of “To Be or Not to Be” Movie

“- Nazi officer: You are sitting in Col. Erhardt’s chair.
– Anna Bronksi: Oh, how silly of me. Ten minutesago it was my chair.”
Anne Bancroft – Anna Bronski

“- Colonel Erhardt: I’ve always suspected something wrong with a man who does not drink or smoke.
– Frederick Bronski: You mean like our Fuhrer?
– Colonel Erhardt: Yes… no!”

Charles Durning – Col. Erhardt
Mel Brooks – Dr. Frederick Bronski

“Ladies and Gentlemen: In the interest of clarity and sanity, the rest of this movie will not be in Polish.”

“Vat do you mean you haven’t got proof? Dat is no excuse! Arrezt zem! Vat? Vere? Vy? Ven? From now on, ven in doubt, arrezt zem! Arrezt zem! Arrezt zem! Arrezt zem! Zen shoot zem and interrogate zem! Oh, you are right, just shoot zem!”

Charles Durning – Col. Erhardt

“- Anna Bronski: All these flowers on a Lieutenant’s pay, you shouldn’t have.
– Lieutenant Andre Sobinski: That’s ok. My father is a florist.”
Anne Bancroft – Anna Bronski
Tim Matheson – Lt. Andre Sobinski

“First you invade Poland, then you invade Warsaw, then you invade my dressing room… you people are compulsive invaders!”

Anne Bancroft – Anna Bronski

“- Anna Bronski: What’s that on your coat?
– Sasha: Oh, it’s the newest fashion in occupied Warsaw. Jews wear yellow stars, homosexuals wear pink triangles.
– Anna Bronski: Sasha! How awful for you!
– Sasha: I hate it.
– Anna Bronski: Now listen, they’re rounding up Jews. Are they rounding up…?
– Sasha: No, no, so far, so good. Now, don’t wait…”
Anne Bancroft – Anna Bronski
James ‘Gypsy’ Haake – Sasha

“All I want is peace. Peace! Peace! A little piece of Poland, a little piece of France.”

Mel Brooks – Dr. Frederick Bronski

“- Sasha: Are you all right?
– Anna Bronski: I’m fine.
– Sasha: Then why are you on the floor?
– Anna Bronski: The floor? I’m on the floor? I’m on the floor! Well, get me up.”
James ‘Gypsy’ Haake – Sasha
Anne Bancroft – Anna Bronski

“Sweetheart, if I don’t come back, then I forgive you for anything that happened between you and Lt. Sobinski. But if I do come back, you’re in a lot of trouble!”

Mel Brooks – Dr. Frederick Bronski

“If it wasn’t for Jews, fags, and gypsies, there would be no theater.”
Mel Brooks – Dr. Frederick Bronski

“What he did to Hamlet, we are now doing to Poland.”

Charles Durning – Col. Erhardt