The Swan Princess

Plot – Prince Derek and Princess Odette,heirs to the throne of two neighbouring states,are deeply in love with each other. They are about to tie the knot in a lavish wedding when the evil sorcerer Rothbarth kidnaps the girl and turns her into a swan. Derek,desperate,goes in search of his beloved and finds her,but in order to save her he must challenge and defeat the sorcerer. Very predictable cartoon story,but certainly pleasant.

Movie Info

Title The Swan Princess

Year 1994

Director Richard Rich

Genre Comedy, Musical, Romance, Family, Fantasy, Animation

Top 6 Quotes of “The Swan Princess” Movie

“I need to know that he loves me… for just being me!”

Liz Callaway – Princess Odette

“- Queen Uberta: Where is Derek? Oh, never mind, I know where he is. Working on the mystery of the fat animal.
– Lord Rogers : The great animal, your highness.
– Queen Uberta: Great, fat. It’s large and has fur.”

Sandy Duncan – Queen Uberta
Mark Harelik – Lord Rogers

“- Princess Odette: Will you love me, Derek? Until the day I die?
– Prince Derek: No, Odette, much longer. Much longer.”

Liz Callaway – Princess Odette
Howard McGillin – Adult Prince Derek

– Lord Rogers: What else is there? She says, “Is beauty all that matters?”, and you say, “What else is there?”!
– Adult Prince Derek: It was dumb. I know!
– Lord Rogers: You should write a book: “How to Offend Women in Five Syllables or Less.”.

Mark Harelik – Lord Rogers
Howard McGillin – Adult Prince Derek

“Once you steal something, you spend your whole life fighting to keep it.”

Jack Palance – Lord Rothbart

“When the hunter has you in his sight, look for the sun and fly into the light.”

Steve Vinovich – Puffin