The Rookie


Plot – In Los Angeles Strom controls the stolen cars’ recycling and Nick Pulovski investigates. He is an uncomfortable and violent but honest and brave man who hasn’t managed yet to stop the criminal’s activities. Nick is sided by David Ackerman, an inexperienced university student who wants to be a policeman to find more security in his personal life.

Movie Info

Title The Rookie

Year 1990

Director Clint Eastwood


Top 13 Quotes of “The Rookie” Movie

“I’m going to blow that shit you call brains all over my partner here.”
Charlie Sheen – David Ackerman

“I didn’t come here because you’re my father… I came here because you’re the richest person I know!”

Charlie Sheen – David Ackerman

“- David Ackerman: Do you think I like dragging around after you all day? I fucking hate it! And I hate the way you drive. And I hate your stinking whiskey breath.
– Nick Pulovski: And I hate your uptight regulation-spouting boy scout horseshit. And I hate the little fucking creases in your pants. And I hate these fucking donuts. These fruitcake…”
Charlie Sheen – David Ackerman
Clint Eastwood – Nick Pulovski

“- Strom: What made you think that a dumb Polack like you could outsmart someone like me?
– Nick Pulovski: Well, it’s just that the arrogant fucking Kraut like you was in the firing line.”
Raul Julia – Strom
Clint Eastwood – Nick Pulovski

“- Eugene Ackerman: I want to guarantee David’s safety.
– Nick Pulovski: Mr. Ackerman, if you want a guarantee, buy a toaster.”
Tom Skerritt – Eugene Ackerman
Clint Eastwood – Nick Pulovski

“- David Ackerman: You fucking lied to Garcia.
– Nick Pulovski: I didn’t lie to him. I just didn’t tell him the truth.”
Charlie Sheen – David Ackerman
Clint Eastwood – Nick Pulovski

“- Morales: I saw you die.
– Nick Pulovski: Well, welcome to Hell!”
Tony Plana – Morales
Clint Eastwood – Nick Pulovski

“It’s not just a job! It’s a fucking adventure!”
Pepe Serna – Lt. Ray Garcia

“- David Ackerman: It’s time to stop being scared.
– Sarah: I don’t like this.
– David Ackerman: Well, nobody asked you to.”
Charlie Sheen – David Ackerman
Lara Flynn Boyle – Sarah

“I realize that homicides and splashy robberies get most of the headlines, but it’s about time this crime gets the attention it deserves.”
Clint Eastwood – Nick Pulovski

“If I die and go to hell, it’ll look like my parents’ house.”
Charlie Sheen – David Ackerman

“Wanna know what’s a crime? Whoever defaced that work of art by painting it that color… ought to have his ass removed.”
Clint Eastwood – Nick Pulovski

“There’s gotta be a hundred reasons why I don’t blow you away. Right now I can’t think of one.”
Clint Eastwood – Nick Pulovski