The Professor and the Madman


Movie Info

Title The Professor and the Madman

Year 2019

Director Farhad Safinia


Top 5 Quotes of “The Professor and the Madman” Movie

“If love… Then what?”
Natalie Dormer – Eliza Merrett

“When I read, nobody’s after me. When I read, I’m the one who’s chasing.”
Mel Gibson – James Murray

“Sometimes when we push away, that is when we most need to be resisted.”
Jennifer Ehle – Ada Murray

“- James Murray: Who’s she?
– Dr. William Chester Minor: The impossible.
– James Murray: The more impossible, the greater the love.
– Dr. William Chester Minor: Do you truly believe that? My heart is so sick.
– James Murray: Well… what I know of love is that the sickness often becomes the cure.”
Mel Gibson – James Murray
Sean Penn – Dr. William Chester Minor

“For every word, in action, becomes beautiful in the light of its own meaning.”
Mel Gibson – James Murray