The Little Princess


Movie Info

Title The Little Princess

Year 1939

Directors Walter Lang, William A. Seiter


Top 8 Quotes of “The Little Princess” Movie

“If you’ll excuse me for saying so, it isn’t polite to call people liars.”

Shirley Temple – Sara Crewe

“- Amanda Minchin: Sara, I shall expect an explanation of this.
– Sara Crewe: Yes, Miss Minchin. As soon as I can think of one.”
Mary Nash – Amanda Minchin

Shirley Temple – Sara Crewe

“Of course one soldier more or less doesn’t make any difference, you know. That’s why I’m making thousands and thousands of troops for England. See? Good strong fellows who won’t be afraid as I was. I was afraid. That’s why I ran away, you know.”

Morton Lowry – Traumatized Young Soldier

“This is going to be our hardest battle. We’ll be good soldiers, won’t we?”
Ian Hunter – Capt. Crewe

“You musn’t cry. You musn’t cry. We must be good soldiers, you know.”

Ian Hunter – Capt. Crewe

“- Capt. Crewe: You learning me by heart little Sara?
– Sara Crewe: No daddy, I know you by heart. You’re inside my heart.”
Ian Hunter – Capt. Crewe

Shirley Temple – Sara Crewe

“- Geoffrey Hamilton: Don’t be frightened, Sara. It’s only my grandfather.
– Lord Wickham: Don’t you believe him, young woman! I disowned him the day he was born!
– Geoffrey Hamilton: And we’re really very fond of each other.”
Richard Greene – Geoffrey Hamilton

Miles Mander – Lord Wickham

“- Amanda Minchin: You mean to tell me that the child is penniless, and she’s left on my hands with nothing?
– Mr. Barrows: She’s certainly left penniless, and she’s certainly left on your hands.”
Mary Nash – Amanda Minchin

E.E. Clive – Mr. Barrows