The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride

Plot – Kiara,Simba and Nala’s daughter,is presented by old Rafiki to the animals of the Pride Lands under the benevolent gaze of Mufasa’s spirit. Kiara proves to have a strong and independent character,intolerant to her father’s impositions. One day,playing in the Pride Lands,the young lioness notices to be followed by Timon and Pumbaa,appointed by Simba to control her. Kiara takes advantage of a momentary distraction of the two clumsy nannies to escape and arrives to No Man’s Land,the residence of the exiled lions still loyal to Scar. Here Kiara meets Kovu,a lion cub who belongs to that herd. The two live together a bad adventure with some crocodiles,but then they continue to play together. Suddenly appear Simba and Zira,Kovu’s mother: she reveals Kovu has been chosen by Scar as his heir. Simba and Kiara return to Pride Rock discussing the role of the sovereign,meanwhile Zira plans how to bring his son to the power: Kovu must make friendship with Kiara,so that he can get close enough to Simba and kill him undisturbed.

Movie Info

Title The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride

Year 1998

Director s Darrell Rooney,Rob LaDuca

Genre Musical, Romance, Adventure, Family, Animation

Top 20 Quotes of “The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride” Movie

“- Nala: Simba, you owe him your daughter’s life.
– Zazu: Yes, sire. Clearly we are in his debt and royal protocol demands that all debts be paid. Though in this case, you might want to make an exception.”

Moira Kelly – Nala
Edward Hibbert – Zazu

“Don’t anybody move! This things loaded… I’ll let you have it!” Nathan Lane – Timon

“- Simba: You will stay where I can keep an eye on you, away from him!
– Kiara: You don’t know him!
– Simba: I know he’s following in Scar’s pawprints, and I must follow in my father’s.
– Kiara: You will never be Mufassa!”

Matthew Broderick – Simba
Neve Campbell – Kiara

“- Kovu: I never heard the story of Scar that way… he truly was a killer.
– Simba: Fire is a killer. Sometimes what’s left behind can grow back better than the generation before if given the chance.” Jason Marsden – Kovu
Matthew Broderick – Simba

“- Kovu: I humbly ask to join your pride.
– Simba: No! You were banished, along with the outsiders.
– Kovu: I have left the outsiders. I’m a rogue, judge me now, for who I am. Or am I to be blamed for a crime I didn’t commit?”

Jason Marsden – Kovu
Matthew Broderick – Simba

“- Zira: What is your destiny?
– Kovu: I will avenge Scar. Take his place in the Pride Lands.
– Zira: Yes! What have I taught you?
– Kovu: Simba is the enemy.
– Zira: And What… must… do?
– Kovu: I must kill him!”

Suzanne Pleshette – Zira
Jason Marsden – Kovu

“- Simba: Kiara, what did you think you were doing? You could’ve been killed today.
– Young Kiara: But, Daddy, I… I didn’t mean to disob…
– Simba: I’m telling you this because I love you. I don’t wanna to lose you.
– Young Kiara: I know.
– Simba: If something happened to you, I don’t know what I’d do.”

Matthew Broderick – Simba
Michelle Horn – Young Kiara

“- Nala: My Simba. You want so much to walk the path expected of you. Perhaps Kovu does not.
– Simba: What? How do you know…
– Nala: I can see them down there just as easily as you can. Get to know him and see.”

Moira Kelly – Nala
Matthew Broderick – Simba

“That’s not a king. That’s a fuzzy maraca!”

Nathan Lane – Timon

“Hey! You! How dare you save the King’s daughter?” Neve Campbell – Kiara

“- Kiara: My father said there was a darkness in Scar that he couldn’t escape.
– Kovu: Maybe there’s a darkness in me too.”

Neve Campbell – Kiara
Jason Marsden – Kovu

“- Kiara: Father, please! Reconsider!
– Simba: You will not go anywhere without an escort from now on.
– Kiara: No! That’s not…
– Simba: He used you to get to me!
– Kiara: No! He loves me, for me!
– Simba: Because you are my daughter! You will not leave Pride Rock.” Kiara – Kiara
Matthew Broderick – Simba

“- Young Kiara: My father says never to turn your back on an Outsider!
– Young Kovu: And do you always do what your father says?
– Young Kiara: No!
– Young Kovu: Bet ya do! Bet your Daddy’s little girl!”

Michelle Horn – Young Kiara
Ryan O’Donohue – Young Kovu

“- Kovu: Let’s get outta here. We’ll run away together! And start a pride… all our own.
– Kiara: Kovu… we have to go back.
– Kovu: You’re kidding. But we’re finally together!
– Kiara: Our place is with our pride. If we run away, they’ll be divided forever.”

Jason Marsden – Kovu
Neve Campbell – Kiara

“- Zira: It’s over, Simba! I have dreamed of nothing else for years!
– Timon: Boy, does she need a hobby.” Suzanne Pleshette – Zira
Nathan Lane – Timon

“- Young Kiara: Will somebody please just listen to me?
– Timon: I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening. Did you say something, Princess?”

Michelle Horn – Young Kiara
Nathan Lane – Timon

– Pumbaa: What do we do now?
– Timon: Remember our motto: “when the going gets tough, the tough get going!”.
– Pumbaa: Wait a minute, I thought our motto was “Hakuna Matata”.
– Timon: Pumbaa, stop living in the past. We need a new motto!

Ernie Sabella – Pumbaa
Nathan Lane – Timon

“My father’s law will prevail. For now, I reserve judgement. We’ll see who you really are.” Matthew Broderick – Simba

“- Zira: These lands belong to Scar.
– Simba: I banished you from the Pride lands. Now you and your young cub, get out.
– Zira: Oh. Haven’t you met my son Kovu? He was hand chosen by Scar to follow in his pawprints and become king.”

Suzanne Pleshette – Zira
Matthew Broderick – Simba

“- Kiara: Father, how could you break your promise?
– Simba: It’s a good thing I did. I almost lost you. No more hunts for you, not ever.”

Matthew Broderick – Kiara
Matthew Broderick – Simba