The Irishman


Movie Info

Title The Irishman

Year 2019

Director Martin Scorsese


Top 9 Quotes of “The Irishman” Movie

“- Whispers DiTullio: To tell you the truth, I’m a little concerned.
– Frank Sheeran: [narrating] Whenever anybody says they’re a little concerned, they’re very concerned.
– Whispers DiTullio: As a matter of fact, I’m really more than a little concerned.
– Frank Sheeran: [narrating] And when they say they’re more than a little concerned, they’re…”
Paul Herman – Whispers DiTullio
Robert De Niro – Frank Sheeran

“You don’t keep a man waiting. The only time you do is when you want to say something. When you want to say fuck you.”
Al Pacino – Jimmy Hoffa

“- Jimmy Hoffa: In a war, you go from point A to point B. Sometimes, you spill a little beer along the way. That philosophy make sense to you?
– Frank Sheeran: Sure does.”
Al Pacino – Jimmy Hoffa
Robert De Niro – Frank Sheeran

“Nowadays, young people, they don’t know who Jimmy Hoffa was. They don’t have a clue. I mean, maybe they know that he disappeared or something, but that’s about it. But back then, there wasn’t nobody in this country who didn’t know who Jimmy Hoffa was.”
Robert De Niro – Frank Sheeran

“I’m just trying to understand how a person can buy a fish and not know what kind it was.”
Louis Cancelmi – Sally Bugs

“If I said it once, I said it a thousand times, I don’t care they’re Irish. I don’t care they’re Catholic. If there’s one person you can’t trust in this life, it’s millionaires’ kids.”
Al Pacino – Jimmy Hoffa

“You always charge a guy with a gun! With a knife, you run away.”
Al Pacino – Jimmy Hoffa

“You might be demonstrating a failure to show appreciation.”

Joe Pesci – Russell Bufalino

“- Jimmy Hoffa: You wanna be a part of this fight?
– Frank Sheeran: Yes, I do, sir.
– Jimmy Hoffa: Would you like to be a part of this history?
– Frank Sheeran: Yes, I would. Whatever you need me to do, I’m available.”
Al Pacino – Jimmy Hoffa
Robert De Niro – Frank Sheeran