The Disaster Artist


Movie Info

Title The Disaster Artist

Year 2017

Director James Franco


Top 6 Quotes of “The Disaster Artist” Movie

When I get up on stage in front of people all I can think about is, “What if they laugh at me”. You man, you’re fearless. I want to feel that too.

Dave Franco – Greg

“- Casting Agent: You have a malevolent presence. You are a perfect build. I could see you as Dracula, Frankenstein.
– Tommy Wiseau: I’m not Frankenstein! I am hero.”
Greg Sestero – Casting Agent
James Franco – Tommy

“- Tommy Wiseau: You know, Greg, you and me, we are the same.
– Greg Sestero: Oh, yeah, how, how’s that?
– Tommy Wiseau: We both have this dream that we’ll be famous.
– Greg Sestero: Yeah, I guess we do.”
James Franco – Tommy
Dave Franco – Greg

“- Tommy Wiseau: Los Angeles, everybody want to be star. All the pretty boys. They’re lining up for the big shot.
– Greg Sestero: Just uh, just have to get lucky, I guess.
– Tommy Wiseau: No. No. It’s not luck, Greg. Greg, you have to be the best. You have to be the best you can be. And never give up.”
James Franco – Tommy
Dave Franco – Greg

“We’re actors, Greg. For you, me, people like us, even the worst day on a movie set is better than the best day doing anything else.”
Jacki Weaver – Carolyn

“Just because you want it doesn’t mean it can happen.”
Judd Apatow – Hollywood Producer