The Dark Crystal

Plot – The story is played by puppets and tells about two ethnic groups,the Skeksis and the Mystics. On one side they all are evil,on the other all good. The last innocent survivor of a race annihilated by the evil one is ordered by his educators – the Mystics – to set off in search of the fragment of a marvellous Black Crystal on which life depends. The little elf will set off on his quest,during which he will also befriend a blonde girl that will help him overcome adventures and dangers of all kinds.

Movie Info

Title The Dark Crystal

Year 1982

Director s Jim Henson,Frank Oz

Genre Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Animation

Top 8 Quotes of “The Dark Crystal” Movie

“- Jen: Where are we?
– Kira: Safe.
– Jen: I don’t think anywhere is safe anymore.”

Stephen Garlick – Jen
Lisa Maxwell – Kira

“Today, once more, they gather at the Crystal as the first sun climbs to its peak. For this is the way of the Skeksis. As they ravaged the land, so too they learned to draw new life from the sun. Today, once more, they will replenish themselves, cheat death again, through the power of their source, their treasure, their fate, the Dark Crystal.” Joseph O’Conor – Narrator

“- Jen: Which one is it?
– Aughra: Listen, Gelfling, there is much to be learned. And you have no time.” Stephen Garlick – Jen
Billie Whitelaw – Aughra

“- Kira: What’s writing?
– Jen: Words that stay. My master taught me.”

Lisa Maxwell – Kira
Stephen Garlick – Jen

“The Skeksis, with their hard and twisted bodies, their harsh and twisted wills. For a thousand years they have ruled. Yet now, there are only ten: a dying race, ruled by a dying Emperor, imprisoned within themselves in a dying land.”

Joseph O’Conor – Narrator

“End, begin, all the same. Big change. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad.”

Billie Whitelaw – Aughra

“- Jen: The prophecy didn’t say anything about this!
– Kira: Prophets don’t know everything!”

Stephen Garlick – Jen
Lisa Maxwell – Kira

“This won’t hurt. We just want to drain your living essence. Then you can be the same as the other Podlings here, a slave.” Steve Whitmire – Scientist