The Big Heat


Plot – Sergeant Dave Bannion investigates the alleged suicide of his former colleague Duncan. With the help of Lucy, Duncan’s friend, Bannion discovers his partner was salaried by boss Lagana. After a talk with Bannion, Lucy is murdered and the investigation stops, but the detective continues alone the researches, until his wife gets killed.

Movie Info

Title The Big Heat

Year 1953

Director Fritz Lang


Top 7 Quotes of “The Big Heat” Movie

“Prisons are bulging with dummies who wonder how they got there.”
Alexander Scourby – Mike Lagana

“- Lt. Ted Wilks: It was bad judgment to bother a cop’s widow about the love life of her husband.
– Dave Bannion: Good or bad, it was my judgment.
– Lt. Ted Wilks: You’re missing the point. I’m the one that gets the pressure calls from upstairs. I’m the one that has to explain. You don’t keep an office like this very long stepping on a lot of…”
Willis Bouchey – Lt. Ted Wilks
Glenn Ford – Dave Bannion

“- Tierney: All any of these dames owe me is a night’s work, one night at a time. They come and go like flies.
– Dave Bannion: Only this fly got herself strangled.
– Tierney: These things happen, Sergeant. Outside of my place, some of these babes keep pretty shady company. It figures. They know nobody cares much what happens to ’em.”
Peter Whitney – Tierney
Glenn Ford – Dave Bannion

“The main thing is to have the money. I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. Believe me, rich is better.”
Gloria Grahame – Debby Marsh

“- Vince Stone: Hey, that’s nice perfume.
– Debby Marsh: Something new. It attracts mosquitoes and repels men.
– Vince Stone: It doesn’t work that way with me.
– Debby Marsh: It’s not supposed to.”
Lee Marvin – Vince Stone
Gloria Grahame – Debby Marsh

“Oh, well, you’re about as romantic as a pair of handcuffs.”

Gloria Grahame – Debby Marsh

“I guess a scar isn’t so bad, not if it’s only on one side. I can always go through life sideways.”
Gloria Grahame – Debby Marsh