Stuart Little 2

Plot – Stuart is happy with his new family. he’s fond of his older brother George,his little sister Martha and even of Snowflake,the family cat. However Stuart misses someone who is like him,so when he meets Margalo,a bird,he takes a crush. Unfortunately,Margalo is not what it seems.

Movie Info

Title Stuart Little 2

Year 2002

Director Rob Minkoff

Genre Comedy, Adventure, Family, Fantasy, Animation

Top 14 Quotes of “Stuart Little 2” Movie

“It’s not one of our best days, but it’s not that bad. The thing about being a Little is you always see the bright side. Every cloud has a silver lining.”

Hugh Laurie – Mr. Little

“If more people gave up, there’d be fewer wars.” Nathan Lane – Snowbell

“Don’t ever make a friend I can eat.” James Woods – Falcon

“What’s wrong with giving up?… And just think of the time you save!”

Nathan Lane – Snowbell

“- Snowbell: Cats don’t eat raisins! We have too much class. We eat fish byproducts.
– Stuart Little: How about the alley?
– Snowbell: An alley? I’m a cat! We’re fastidious creatures. We use a litter box. We don’t just yell ‘Bombs away’ and go wherever we are!”

Nathan Lane – Snowbell
Michael J. Fox – Stuart Little

“This is a sign, like the burning bush, except this a carburetor and I’m not Moses.” Nathan Lane – Snowbell

“- George Little: Am I in trouble?
– Mr. Little: No, son, you’re not in trouble. You’re in big trouble!”

Jonathan Lipnicki – George Little
Hugh Laurie – Mr. Little

“- Stuart Little: You know where we can find him?
– Monty: You don’t wanna find him. You don’t want anything to do with him. Trust me. He’d eat you so fast, you’d be a pile of falcon poop before you could yell for help.”

Michael J. Fox – Stuart Little
Steve Zahn – Monty

“- Snowbell: I wish I were the one that was dead!
– Margalo: Really?
– Snowbell: No. But I’m feeling very unhappy!”

Nathan Lane – Snowbell
Melanie Griffith – Margalo

“Falcons are vicious. They grab you by the back of the neck and carry you so high you can’t even see the ground, and then they drop you. And by the time you hit the pavement, they just drink what’s left through a straw.”

Steve Zahn – Monty

“- Margalo: Don’t hurt him, Falcon!
– Falcon: I won’t hurt him. The sidewalk will!” Melanie Griffith – Margalo
James Woods – Falcon

“- Stuart Little: Snowbell, I need more change.
– Snowbell: What do I look like, a fanny pack?” Michael J. Fox – Stuart Little
Nathan Lane – Snowbell

“- Stuart Little: How can you think of eating at a time like this?
– Snowbell: I’m nervous. And when I’m nervous I eat.”

Michael J. Fox – Stuart Little
Nathan Lane – Snowbell

“- Snowbell: This better be important.
– Stuart Little: Margalo’s still missing.
– Snowbell: I should have been more specific. I meant important to me.” Nathan Lane – Snowbell
Michael J. Fox – Stuart Little