Stan & Ollie


Plot – Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, the most famous comic duo in the world, start a theater tour of the UK in 1953. Worn out and with a long history of success, the two go towards an uncertain future: the shows around the nation turn out to be disappointing, even if old and new fans keep enjoying their gags. The two comedians, whose career is coming to an end, will rediscover the importance of their friendship.

Movie Info

Title Stan & Ollie

Year 2018

Director Jon S. Baird


Top 11 Quotes of “Stan & Ollie” Movie

“- Elderly Woman: We just want to know who’s playing Laurel and Hardy, please.
– Glasgow Empire Manager: They’re playing themselves.
– Elderly Woman: Who are?
– Glasgow Empire Manager: Laurel and Hardy. Here in person, the poster says, they’re here in person.”
Veronica Clifford – Elderly Woman – Glasgow
Sanjeev Kohli – Glasgow Empire Manager

“- Ida Kitaeva Laurel: I may live in Hollywood, but I am not Hollywood.
– Lucille Hardy: Ida, you are the epitome of Hollywood.”
Nina Arianda – Ida Kitaeva Laurel
Shirley Henderson – Lucille Hardy

“- Oliver Hardy: I knew.
– Stan Laurel: Well, why didn’t you tell me you knew?
– Oliver Hardy: I thought you already knew I knew.
– Stan Laurel: How could I know that you knew I knew?
– Oliver Hardy: What would my line be here?
– Stan Laurel: Uhm, now I know you knew, but I thought you knew I knew, but you were pretending not to know I knew.”
John C. Reilly – Oliver
Steve Coogan – Stan

“- Stan Laurel: You can’t have Hardy without Laurel.
– Hal Roach: That’s what you think.”
Steve Coogan – Stan
Danny Huston – Hal Roach

“- Stan Laurel: How about I just punch you right on the nose? I haven’t done that for a long time.
– Oliver Hardy: Can I poke you in the eye?
– Stan Laurel: You could wring my neck.
– Oliver Hardy: I think I’d rather poke you in the eye.”
Steve Coogan – Stan
John C. Reilly – Oliver

“You know, when you watch our movies, nobody else in the stories knows us, and we don’t know anybody either. It was just the two of us. All we had was each other.”

Steve Coogan – Stan

“- Stan Laurel: You’ll be fine, Babe. Just lay off the horses, and don’t get married again.
– Oliver Hardy: Oh, I didn’t tell you. I proposed to Lucille.”
Steve Coogan – Stan
John C. Reilly – Oliver

“- Oliver Hardy: What are all these Romans doing here?
– Stan Laurel: I don’t know. Maybe there’s a sale at the Forum.”
John C. Reilly – Oliver
Steve Coogan – Stan

“Je ne regrette rien. And you shouldn’t regret rien, either.”

John C. Reilly – Oliver

“I’m never getting married again. I’m just going to find a woman I don’t like and buy her a house.”
Steve Coogan – Stan

“- Oliver Hardy: I’ll miss us when we’re gone.
– Stan Laurel: So will you.”
John C. Reilly – Oliver
Steve Coogan – Stan